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Use the uncoiler carefully and follow the instructions.

Use the uncoiler carefully and follow the instructions.

Dec 21,2023
To guarantee the uncoiler's safe and dependable operation and prevent interfering with the functioning of the entire stitching production line, customers must first have a thorough understanding of how to use and take care with it.
Here, FANTY goes into great depth on how to operate the uncoiler and what safety measures to take when using it:

1. Verify that the uncoiler is correctly grounded before using it; if not, it could harm electrical appliances and endanger people's safety.

2. Every uncoiler has a range of applications. To make sure the coil is within the uncoiler's applicable range, it is vital to examine the coil's basic dimensions—width, thickness, and inner and outer diameters—before using it.

3. When in use, the induction frame needs to be isolated from the uncoiler to guarantee the uncoiler operates normally. To keep the coil and uncoiler in a good conductive state and prevent the uncoiler induction frame from failing, any paper layer that may have formed on the inner diameter of the coil needs to be removed. The start and stop of the uncoiler should be managed by the photoelectric switch rather than the 24V induction frame when working with non-metallic materials.

4. The uncoiler's use must preserve a large enough waiting area and be able to match the production line's needed speed range. Extending the uncoiler's start-up time interval by adjusting its time relay can help prevent frequent starting from damaging the uncoiler's motor and electrical components.
Grouping of Fanty Decoiler/Uncoiler
The uncoiler's use procedure and safety measures are briefly described above. To gain a deeper comprehension of uncoilers, refer to this page that provides a detailed introduction to the various forms of uncoilers. This will help you comprehend how different types of uncoilers correspond with different situations.
You can consult us for assistance in selecting a decoiler that best matches your needs if you are still unfamiliar with uncoilers and need to purchase one.

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