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The reasons for uneven rewinding and how to address it when the uncoiler is utilized for rewinding.

The reasons for uneven rewinding and how to address it when the uncoiler is utilized for rewinding.

Dec 20,2023
The reasons behind uneven winding and how to fix it while using the uncoiler for winding.
The uncoiler is also called decoiler for steel coil handling equipment. The processed continuous strip is automatically rewound when the uncoiler is employed for rewinding. Models such as Manual Uncoilersdouble-head uncoilers, flat uncoilers, and hydraulic uncoilers are frequently utilized. Naturally, there are additional rewinders for tensioning and terminals that require expert completed product rewinding.
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The following are the main causes of uneven rewinding when the uncoiler is utilized, and addressing each issue separately is sufficient.
1. Uneven winding is caused by the front processing machine's and the uncoiler's center lines not being on the same line.

Treatment strategy: If the uncoiler's winding is uneven, start by ensuring that its center line and the front machine's line are identical. It must be changed right away if it is inconsistent.

2. Uneven winding is caused by the uncoiler's stopper limit device's unreliability in limiting current.

Treatment method: To effectively limit the winding material, adjust the stopper limit device (typically the position of the stopper A-type iron).

3. Uneven rewinding occurs when the material head is not correctly set, causing it to begin to rewind.

Treatment strategy: To guarantee that the material head is coiled properly, it is important to make sure that the decoiler is manually wound in five to six rounds at the beginning.

4. The winding material has variable thickness, with one side being thicker than the other and varying winding speeds.

1. Rewinding waste can be treated by adjusting the rewinding speed to guarantee that the rewinding is tightened. Typically, rewinding flatness is not very high.
2. Installing a tensioning device is necessary if the winding is complete. The unequal thickness of the material is also collected neatly since the tensioner is utilized to keep the uncoiler under constant tension.

The four previously mentioned points are mostly the causes and remedies for the unequal winding of the uncoiler. Naturally, you can also get in touch with FANTY Machinery Team directly, and we'll assist you in finding a solution right away.

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