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By providing high-quality equipment and suitable production solutions during steel coil handling process, we help customers improve production efficiency.
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Behavior before business, popularity via quality.

----Alan Zhao, founder of FANTY Machinery

FANTY Machinery Development History

As a manufacturer of decoiler/uncoiler, servo feeder and press machine, the following outlines a significant chapter in FANTY company's development history.


FANTY Machinery was established as a brand of its domestic factory

responsible for the sales of decoiler,straighter, servo feeder , decoiler straightener, and decoilerstraightener feeder machines in the overseas market.
Established web:


Design and Development

Started the design and development of sin gleldoublearm robotic arms, multi axis robots, and other equipment,as well as the mass production of large-scale intelligentforging automation equipment


Started the integration and optimization of the supply chain

expanded the industrial chain, doubled the output value, andachieved multiple innovations in the planning and design,functional design, and control system design of large-scaleautomobile parts entire lines


Intelligent Strategy

Formally moving towards intelligence,achieving mass production of large-scaleintelligent devices,and expanding industrialmanufacturing bases


Strategic Partnership

● Formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Japan's OYABE SEIKI


Large three-dimensional multi-station Automatic Transfer System

● Large destacking from OYABE SEIKI project is successfully delivered.


Hot Forming Stamping Line

●Undertake 1200T hot forming stamping line


Mission continues, Story continues

Our Excellent Team

At the heart of our success lies our exceptional team, a dedicated group of professionals who bring diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to every project. With a shared passion for excellence, we collaborate seamlessly, harnessing our collective skills to deliver outstanding results and exceed expectations.


Jack Wang

Product Manager

Product Manager

Andy Liu

Sales Director

Sales Director

Cherry Zhao

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Royce Heung

Welcome to Visit Our Factory

As a specialized factory in decoilers/uncoilers, servo feeders, and press machines, we are excited to showcase our expertise and cutting-edge technology.
Fanty office
uncoiler cum straightener producing at fanty factory
decoiler straightener feeder producing at fanty factory
uncoiler straightener feeder producing at fanty factory
decoiler straightener feeder producing at fanty factory
Fanty manufacturing

FANTY Steel Coil Processing Equipment Certificates

We are pleased to announce that our company has successfully obtained the CE certificates for our decoiler and servo feeder machines. These certifications underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality and compliant products to our valued customers.
CE certificate
CE certificate
CE certificate
CE certificate
CE certificate
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