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Decoiler Straightener

Decoiler Straightener

FANTY decoiler straightener compact steel coil machine is designed for decoiling and leveling progess and eliminate the need for a individual function need. Plus, our OEM customized service is capable of processing higher strength, higher yield materials within a small footprint. We invite you to explore our Decoiler Straightener product group, designed to elevate the efficiency and quality of auto components stamping. Should you have any specific inquiries or requirements, our team is ready to assist you.
Decoiler Straightener
Decoiler Straightener Machine for Stamping Line
The system consists of a powered straightener positioned in front of the single spindle decoiler. As they are installed on the same foundation structure, the system's alignment with respect to one another reduces installation time and saves space.

With a control panel and loop control mechanism to synchronize with press-feeding speed, they come in a variety of variants with fixed speed or AC variable speed.

The decoiler and straightener heads are chosen from our regular lineup in order to provide modularity and quick deliveries while also upholding the standards of specific pieces of equipment.
What is a Decoiler Straightener machine?
An Decoiler Straightener is a dual-function machine designed for efficient material handling and preparation in industrial processes. It combines the functions of an uncoiler machine and a straightener into a single unit. Uncoiling involves unwinding coils of material, while straightening involves flattening and aligning the material for further processing. This integrated machine streamlines the material preparation process, saving space and improving workflow. Decoiler Straighteners are commonly used in industries like metal forming, where they ensure a continuous supply of properly aligned material, enhancing production accuracy and efficiency. They are equipped with features like adjustable tension control and precision straightening mechanisms to achieve optimal results. 
Subtypes within the Decoiler Straightener Group
GO series uncoiler cum straightener
Coil Width: 200~600mm
Coil Thickness: 0.4~2.2
Coil O.D.(mm): Ø 450-530
Coil I.D.(mm): Ø 1200
Max. load(kg): 800~1000
GL Series uncoiler cum straightener
Coil Width: 200~600mm
Coil Thickness: 0.3~3.2
Coil O.D.(mm): Ø 460-530
Coil I.D.(mm): Ø 1200
Max. load(kg): 800~1000
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What makes the Decoiler Straightener ideal for auto components?
A1: This decoiler straightener machine's dual functionality optimizes workflow by eliminating manual processes and ensuring material accuracy for auto parts production.

Q2: Can decoiler straightener handle different coil materials and thicknesses?
A2: Yes, our decoiler straightener machine is engineered to handle a variety of coil materials and thicknesses, providing flexibility and adaptability.

Q3: Is this uncoiler cum straightener easy to operate and maintain?
A3: Absolutely, our Decoiler Straightener is designed for user-friendly operation and routine maintenance. Consult the user manual for guidance.

Q4: Does Decoiler Straightener enhance production efficiency?
A4: Yes, the integration of decoiling and straightening results in streamlined processes, reducing production time and enhancing efficiency.

Q5: What safety features are included?
A5: Our Decoiler Straightener is equipped with safety mechanisms to prevent material jams, overloads, and other potential hazards, ensuring a secure operating environment.
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