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The Transfer (Robotic Arm)

Revolutionizing Precision and Efficiency: The Transfer (Robotic Arm)

Designed to revolutionize precision and efficiency in manufacturing, our Transfer is equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent programming, allowing it to handle intricate steel coil stamping tasks with unmatched accuracy.

Automatic Stamping Production Lines for Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Streamlined Excellence: Automatic Stamping Production Lines for Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Witness the epitome of efficiency and precision with our automated production lines designed exclusively for automotive parts manufacturing.

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Premium Quality Guaranteed

Our Steel Coil Handling Equipments Are Using Leading International Brands for Mechanical and Electronic Components.

Hot Selling Steel Coil Handling Equipment

Leading steel coil handling equipment includes:

Providing Steel Coil Handling Equipment & Solutions

From Decoiler, Straightening Machine, and Coil Feeder to Punch Press, Fanty Machinery steel coil handling equipment caters to diverse steel coil handling needs. And, we offer suitable steel coil handling solutions also based on our extensive experience to whomever your role is.

Steel Coil Factory

Fanty Machinery provides steel coil handling equipment for steel coil handling producing below:

  • 1.Galvanized / Zinc Steel Coils
  • 2.Carbon Steel Coils
  • 3.Stainless Steel Coils
  • 4.SPCC、SECC & High Strength Steel

Press Punch User

Fanty Machinery can provide steel coil handling equipment and solutions for you, no matter which type of punching presses you using below now:

  • 1.Hight Speed C/H Frame Press Punch
  • 2.GAP Frame Press Punch
  • 3.Double Crank Press Punch
  • 4.Close Type Double Crank Press Punch
Punch Press Dies

Punch Press Dies

Fanty Machinery are providing steel coil handling equipments and solutions for various press punch dies production, including but not limited to:

  • 1.Automotive parts punch press dies
  • 2.Electronic punch press dies
  • 3.Houseware press punch dies
  • 4.Eyelets & Botton press punch dies

Trader of Steel Coil Handling Equipment

Join us!Fanty Machinery provides your professional steel coil handling equipment and solutions whether you have experience or not for steel coil handling.

Agent of Steel Coil Handling Equipment

Fanty Machinery helps her steel coil handling equipment agents boost their business by equipments and solutions apply.

Our Partners

Our ongoing cooperation with major brands on the market showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional steel coil handling equipment and solutions and driving their success.
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Focus on the global market since 2013.

Fanty Machinery is a leading factory in the production and sales of steel coil handling equipment

Fanty Machinery specialties include the hardware industry, automotive parts press punch lines, automotive metal stamping parts, saw blade production, high speed rotor and stator stamping and lamination, eyelet stamping lines, etc.

Fanty Machinery is committed to providing high-quality decoiler, leveling machine, press feeder, and press punch, and customized punch and press line solutions to help local steel factories realize the importance of automated steel coil handling production. Through our efforts, more and more factories are upgrading and improving their metal stamping lines. Fanty Machinery has also expanded our business, exporting our machines to over 30 countries already, further establishing our leading position in the steel coil handling industry.

Fanty Machinery Advantages

Leading manufacturer of steel coil handling equipment.

High-quality Materials And Manufacturing Processes

Steel coil handling equipment used famous components from MITSUBISHI, YASKAWA, SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER brands.

Design the entire steel coil handling line plan for high-strength plates

Our automated press punches can easily handle the processing of various types of high-strength plate coils, providing unique mechanical structure design based on different materials and production needs. Decoiler straightener feeder can handle high-strength materials with a thickness of 9.0mm and a width of 1800mm.

Technological innovation

Fanty Machinery is the first manufacturer of Press Feeder equipment in China that can achieve a speed of 60 meters per second.

Provide customers with the most suitable customized solutions

from small press feeder to large stamping equipments, Fanty products can handle a variety of processing situations, involving automotive accessories, electronic circuits, computer manufacturing, mobile communication, household appliances, kitchen and bathroom, building materials, hardware tools, clothing, and other industries and related fields.

Why Choose FANTY Machinery - Steel Coil Handling Equipment Manufacturer ?

Choose Fanty Machinery for your steel coil handling needs due to her stringent raw material quality inspections, extensive steel coil handling equipment manufacturing history, and comprehensive press punch solutions providing.

Strict Raw Material Quality Control

Each leveling roller and feeding roller of decoiler straightener feeder must be inspected by a quality engineer to ensure a radial runout of < 0.01mm and a hardness standard of HRC60 ± 2.


Rich Steel Coil Handling Equipment Manufacturing Experience

Over 10 years history on steel coil handling equipment manufacturing and steel coil handling solution providing. Moreover Fanty Machinery sales team is proficient in trade processes and steel coil handling equipment principles.


Complete Press Punch solutions

The main steel coil handling equipment include decoiler machine, leveling machines, press feeder, and press punch for solving more than 100 types of press punches peripheral equipment and steel coil handling solutions in multiple series.

Customers' Voice

Raving Reviews on Fanty Machinery Steel Coil Handling Equipments and Solutions Providing.

"I'm steel frame factory, I just got my new decoiler machine from Fanty and I'm so impressed! It's easy to use and really efficient."

Jakub Novák

Czech Republic

"I was hesitant to spend the money on a decoiler straightener and feeder combine machine for an auto parts production line, but it was definitely worth it. its floor-space is smaller and safer than split machines ."

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Gonzalez


"I had some questions about my servo feeder machine and reached out to customer service. They were so helpful and really went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied."

Le Thi Minh Thao


Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I've been using your decoiler equipment this week and it's been working great. It's reliable and easy to use. Keep up the good work!"

Alexandru Popescu


"I recently purchased the uncoiler straightener servo feeder machine from your company, and I have to say, I'm extremely impressed. As a manufacturer of automotive parts, I needed a machine that could handle multiple functions seamlessly and efficiently, and this machine has exceeded my expectations. Combining three functions into one machine has not only saved me space in my factory, but it has also increased my productivity and output.”

Paulo Henrique Lima Santos


The machine's compact size has been a huge benefit to my factory, as it takes up less space than having two separate machines. Additionally, the machine's durability and reliability have given me peace of mind knowing that it will last for many years to come.

Tamás Farkas


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