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A thorough explanation of the uncoiler's support arm

A thorough explanation of the uncoiler's support arm

Jan 15,2024
The uncoiler is a popular and highly customizable uncoiling device that offers a wide range of different devices for stamping customers to select from. Installing a frequency converter to regulate speed, a pressing arm to prevent bulk materials, an oil pressure expansion to ease uncoiling, a loading trolley to ease loading, a photoelectric sensor to prevent surface damage, and so on are common installations.
But in addition to the typical extra equipment, there is another optional item that is equally crucial but is less well-known. In addition to helping to finish the automatic feeding operation of the next leveling machine, it can make the coil uncoiling more stable and smooth. That is the arm of support.
The uncoiler's supporting arm is made up of a sub-bracket, a supporting frame, and a frame. The sub-bracket is positioned at the feeding end of the uncoiler's expanding and contracting drum in relation to the supporting frame, which is positioned at the bottom part of the frame body. Installed in the frame is a pneumatic telescopic cylinder, the free end of which is attached to the rear end of the material support frame through an extension rod. This allows the material support frame to pivot up and down, using the rotation axis as the fulcrum. 
In order to allow the guide wheels on both sides of the sub-bracket to be slidably set in the guide grooves, the lower section of the two inner side walls of the frame body are simultaneously equipped with side seats, and arc-shaped guide grooves are produced on the two side seats. This allows the uncoiler's supporting arm sub-bracket to create folding and stretching motions along the guiding groove.

When the uncoiler is actually employed in conjunction with the supporting arm, it can increase uncoiling smoothness, eliminate the need for human assistance when driving, and significantly increase movement stability.
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