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Light Decoiler Introduction

Light Decoiler Introduction

Jan 5,2024
light uncoiler
Light-duty steel uncoiler
Light duty uncoiler is simple structure and easy operation. It is an economic machine but low malfunction. It also is one of the important equipment for metal plate leveling and stamping line.
The output of the decoiler is a coupling structure, and it uses a worm gear reducer that is directly attached to the motor. Additionally, the decoiler features a big gear ratio, steady operation, a low failure rate, a straightforward material supporting device structure, and a broad range of adjustment.

Light-duty coil uncoiling and waste material recoiling that is appropriate for material thickness ranges from 0.35-1.6mm.

Coil thickness: 0.35-1.6mm
Coil width: Max. 200mm
Coil inner diameter: Ø200-300mm
Coil outer diameter: Ø800mm
Coil weight: Max. 150kg
Expansion way: Manual

Detailed description of the light decoiler
1. The light decoiler is appropriate for recoiling waste material and automatically feeding thin plate coil material, both metal and non-metal (within 1.0 mm). Small footprint, ease of installation and debugging, high reduction ratio, steady operation, comfortable and easy maintenance, and low failure rate are some of its benefits. It is the ideal option for an automated manufacturing line for light stamping.
2. The vertical feeding method, combined with the exquisite construction, results in a big reduction ratio, steady operation, and a decrease in plane occupancy.
3. There are multiple struts that make up the winding drum. These struts have a low failure rate, convenient loading, and the lower ends can experience radial contraction.
4. It uses coupling output structure, direct motor connection, worm gear deceleration, and vertical rod support.
5. The supporting device has a broad adjustable range and a straightforward construction.
6. Induction mode: 24V induction current control, vertical induction bracket.
7. A micro switch control that can be utilized to collect garbage can be chosen.

It is appropriate for use in a variety of hardware and electronic components processing industries for feeding metal or non-metal plate stamping materials and recoiling waste materials.

light uncoiler application
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