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Safety measures when using the uncoiler

Safety measures when using the uncoiler

Dec 27,2023
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Taking precautions when using the uncoiler

In the stamping business, the uncoiler has become an increasingly common main unwinding piece of equipment. Understanding how to operate, maintain, repair, and maintain an uncoiler is crucial since when used incorrectly, it can easily result in various safety incidents. 
As a result, FANTY Machinery will go over the safety measures for using the uncoiler in detail with our clients:

1. To guarantee that the uncoiler will not look biased when uncoiling, it is necessary to make sure that, when it is moving and positioned, the center of the supporting tile plate carrying the coil material is on the same line as the following matching machine.

2. Verify if the coil's inner and outer diameters are within the uncoiler's applicable range by looking at its breadth, thickness, weight, and other material parameters. In order to guarantee that the inner diameter of the material is the metal surface that is closest to the supporting tile, simultaneously remove any edge layers, such as paper circles, from the inner diameter of the material roll before feeding.

3. Take caution not to collide with the uncoiler's expansion spindle, electric box, or other components when loading it with a forklift or crane to prevent harm to the device. At the same time, after feeding is finished, make sure the uncoiler's expansion and contraction drum has stretched the material coil all the way, and use the uncoiler to effectively stop the material.

4. When operating the uncoiler, professional staff should do the operation and the operation method should be closely adhered to by the operation manual. Simultaneously do the heavy-duty uncoiler's pre-operational inspection, operation-related observation, and post-operation review to guarantee its dependability and safety. Additionally, it is not permitted to touch the uncoiler's rotating component while it is in use. It must be stopped right away for inspection and repair if there is any anomaly.

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The safety measures for using the uncoiler are listed above. You can reach us personally at with any inquiries, and we'll assist you in resolving the issue.

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