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Failure study of the hydraulic uncoiler's expansion and contraction drum acting incorrectly.

Failure study of the hydraulic uncoiler's expansion and contraction drum acting incorrectly.

Dec 26,2023
hydraulic decoiler
An examination of the incorrect operation of the hydraulic uncoiler's expansion and contraction drum failure.
Decoiler, also called uncoiler, is a type steel coil handling equipment for the punch press line. One type of machinery that utilizes the hydraulic system to finish coil tensioning and unwinding is the hydraulic uncoiler. Its benefits over the classic uncoiler include strong stability, good time and labor savings, and good expansion and contraction impact. For materials up to five tons, this type is frequently utilized. Learn more about hydraulic uncoiler here.
A hydraulic uncoiler may unavoidably experience some failures when this type decoiler is put into service because of many factors such as the working environment, incorrect operation, inadequate maintenance and management, and natural wear. And poor maintenance and operation account for the majority of hydraulic uncoiler failures.

Today, FANTY MACHINERY will analyze a problem situation in which the expansion and contraction reel is not functioning properly, but the hydraulic uncoiler's hydraulic station is performing normally.


1. First, make sure the oil level in the hydraulic station is normal and that there are no loose or leaking parts in the oil circuit of the uncoiler hydraulic station.

2. Verify if the oil-water separator and filter have entered the maintenance and replacement cycle. Replace the oil-water separator and filter if necessary, and then determine whether the problem still persists.

3. Examine the hydraulic pump for damage or oil leaks, as well as the relief valve's spring for any breaks or damage.

4. Inspect the pipeline: Take parts of the pipeline out to check for obstructions from foreign bodies. Once the obstruction has been removed, confirm that the problem still persists.

5. Look for and remove any debris from the hydraulic oil tank. To stop similar failures from occurring again, clean up and replace the lost filter screen at the gasoline filler if there is plastic film, paint skin, etc.

Summary of the fault:

1. The primary focus of this fault analysis and investigation is on the hydraulic station's normal operation; however, the expansion and contraction reel's incorrect action is also examined, and the hydraulic station's oil circuit is mostly examined in accordance with the fault alert.

2. There are several errors brought on by oil contaminants, and the refueling of customers is not standardized. It is necessary for operators and maintenance staff to add suitable oil.

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