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High Tension Thick Plate Uncoiler Introduction

High Tension Thick Plate Uncoiler Introduction

Jan 25,2024
Currently, the yield point stress of regularly used cold-rolled sheets, pickled sheets, aluminum sheets, and galvanized sheets is not high when stamping, shearing, laser cutting, and roll forming. Consequently, a satisfactory uncoiling effect can be obtained by installing optional devices using the uncoiler. Install hydraulic expansion if the material roll weighs a lot. In cases where the material thickness exceeds 2 mm, a pneumatic pressing arm is incorporated. Install the upper stop arm device when the material roll is very wide. These factors also contribute to the uncoiler's growing popularity among consumers.
However, a lot of high-strength and high-tensile thick plate materials are also utilized in automated production lines for processing due to the field of automation's constantly expanding scope of application. There will be clear issues if the uncoiling apparatus continues to employ the widely used standard uncoiler at this point. This kind of coil has a high yield strength, therefore coil loosening cannot be resolved by simply pushing through the upper pressing arm once the coil strap has been undone. The lower portion of the coil material will continue to spread out swiftly, which will scratch the coil material's surface in addition to creating numerous frictions between the coil material and the ground. It will also have an impact on the uncoiling process as a whole, and it is easily dangerous and prone to injury.
uncoiler straightener feeder machine
The usage of a high-tensile thick plate uncoiler straightener feeder is necessary for such high-strength and high-tensile thick plates. The integrated decoiler, straightening, and feeder part model of the high-tensile thick plate uncoiler straightener feeder is a proprietary model created and constructed by FANTY for coils with excessive yield and tensile strength.
The high-tensile thick plate uncoiler's supporting device is made up of a supporting wheel that is mounted on the supporting bracket, a pneumatic supporting driving device, and a supporting bracket that is attached to the base via bearings. The pneumatic supporting device gives the supporting support a steady driving force so that it can travel along the expanding and contracting reel's radial direction and give the material roll a steady and dependable supporting force. Make sure that the high tension sheet material coils' decoiling procedure is consistently dependable and steady.

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