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Solutions for the uncoiler's three main flaws

Solutions for the uncoiler's three main flaws

Jan 8,2024
As the steel coil handling equipment, decoiler, called uncoiler also, plays a import role in the punch press line. Three primary factors contribute to uncoiler failures on the market: mechanical failure, electrical failure of the electric control box, and motor and reducer failure in the fuselage. These three significant errors have several fixes, which FANTY Machinery will go over one by one in the next paragraphs.
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1. Causes and remedies for the uncoiler's mechanical failure:

1.1. The uncoiler's actual coil material is outside the purview of its use.
Although uncoilers can be made to order, each one that is produced has a rated material thickness, breadth, weight, and outer diameter. The load will be too great if it is used beyond its intended limits, leading to mechanical breakdown. Right now, changing the material roll that complies with the standard will fix the issue.

1.2. The uncoiler's primary shaft bearing is destroyed, making it impossible for the apparatus to function.
To finish the uncoiling process, the uncoiler must rotate the supporting tile using the main shaft. The machine won't be able to move if the main shaft bearing is destroyed. To fix the issue at hand, replace the main shaft bearing.

1.3. The uncoiler's transmission belt is too slack inside the fuselage.
This will make it slick and unable to supply power as usual. Tighten the drive belt after opening the uncoiler's rear cover.

2. Causes and remedies for the uncoiler's electric control box malfunction:

2.1. A faulty connection between the external power supply and the uncoiler prevents it from being powered.
The machine will not work due to poor contact, and the electric control box's indicator light will not come on. Simply make sure the power cable is connected correctly.

2.2. The damage to the time relay, intermediate relay, and AC contactor prevents the uncoiler from operating as intended.
Examine the uncoiler's AC contactor, intermediate relay, and time relay in turn. Repair it or get a new one if there is any damage.

2.3. There is inadequate contact or a falloff in the uncoiler's induction device circuit.
For uncoilers to operate automatically, an induction frame or induction rod must be used for control. The uncoiler cannot start and stop normally if there is an issue with the induction circuit; simply investigate and resolve it.

3. Causes and remedies for the uncoiler's motor and reducer failures:

If the failure's cause cannot be identified after examining the first two factors, the motor and reducer must be examined. If there is no sound from the motor, either there is a defective contact in the circuit or the motor has burned out. In the event that the motor produces noise, examine the shaft card for any damage. The reducer is broken if the shaft card is damaged. The reducer typically has a low failure rate, and prior to examination, it is usually required to rule out other potential causes of failure.
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