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A clutch is installed on the uncoiler to increase cut-to-length line efficiency.

A clutch is installed on the uncoiler to increase cut-to-length line efficiency.

Jan 3,2024
A clutch is installed on the uncoiler to increase the cut-to-length line's efficiency.
fanty cut-to-length line
The decoiler is also called uncoiler for steel coil handling equipment in the punch press line. An uncoiler is typically used to uncoil the coil in a cut-to-length line. When actively feeding, the uncoiler's main motor must transfer its power to the main shaft in order to accomplish the working forms of active feeding and passive uncoiling of materials. The leveler rotates the main shaft passively via the steel plate when the cut to length line is coupled. The primary motor's power must now be cut off from the main shaft in order to prevent interference between the two powers and the eventual destruction of one. This tendency is evident, particularly for heavy materials (above 3T), and it has a significant impact on automated production. FANTY Machinery put clutches on the large-tonnage uncoilers used in the cut to length line to address these issues and enable the material rack to perform the tasks of active feeding and passive uncoiling simultaneously.

The clutch of FANTY's uncoiler operates on this principle: the connecting rod that is attached to the piston rod causes the main shaft to rotate as the piston rod of the decoiler cylinder expands and contracts. To make the rollers swing, the main shaft drives two connecting rods that are positioned on it to swing around the main shaft. Due to the fact that two rollers are lodged in the two matching half-clutch grooves, the half-clutch will stir and slide on the driven shaft. In this manner, it is intermittently engaged with the jaw half clutch fixed to the uncoiler's drive shaft and intermittently disengaged from it. When it is engaged, it is coupled to the uncoiler's motor driving shaft, causing the pinch shaft to press the steel plate forward and the steel coil to be moved toward uncoiling—a process known as active feeding. It is also passive uncoiling when the two half-clutches are split apart.

In addition to having a passive decoiler function, the decoiler can achieve active feeding of the sheet material once it is fitted with a clutch. It lowers the cost of maintenance for the whole production line in addition to increasing the cut-to-length line's productivity.

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