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Streamlining Mold Manufacturing: FANTY's Comprehensive Solutions

FANTY is your go-to solution for efficient and reliable mold manufacturing. Our comprehensive range of solutions is designed to streamline the entire process, from design to production. With cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we empower manufacturers to optimize their mold manufacturing operations and achieve superior results. Trust FANTY for innovative solutions that elevate your mold manufacturing capabilities.

What details we should know before mold producing?

Creating a precision mold of the highest caliber is an investment in your business. The price of a Progressive sheet metal stamping is affected by a number of factors:

The primary component

Steel that has been hardened and can bear the strain of a lengthy production run while maintaining tight tolerances is used to make high volume precision molds. Progressive sheet metal stamping that have been in use for many years can be found at FANTY mold.

Amount of cavities

To maintain the best level of productivity, we intend to enhance the number of cavities in the mold. In general, we advise that each component make a separate mold rather than making a family mold, which frequently produces subpar goods and requires more care.

Base of the mold

All of the mold cavities, cores, inserts, and parts are held together by the tool base. The size of the mold, the kind of steel material used to create the base, and the level of customization required are utilized to determine the cost of the mold base.

Cavity and core machining

The most crucial component of a mold is the core and cavity. It is required that good steel and very precise machining techniques be used. Every mold needs to be unique. The positioning of cores, cavities, ejectors, cooling lines, gates, runner systems, etc. is considered customization.



Stamping molds include punching, bending, small stretching, front frame, back plate, etc. Fanty provides comprehensive supporting services for various stamping molds and products for mold design and production users, covering automotive manufacturing, 3C, medical and other fields.

1 Mold Design

Our design engineers and fitters have an average industry experience of over 10 years. Skilled and exquisite mold matching experience.

  • Expert Mold Design: Our team of experienced designers excels in creating highly precise and efficient mold designs that meet your specific requirements.
  • Advanced CAD/CAM Software: Leveraging cutting-edge CAD/CAM software, we utilize the latest design tools and techniques to develop intricate 3D mold models and optimize the manufacturing process.
  • Collaborative Approach: We actively involve you in the mold design process, seeking your input and feedback to ensure the final design aligns perfectly with your expectations and production needs.
  • Prototyping and Iteration: Through prototyping and iterative design cycles, we validate and refine the mold design, addressing any potential issues and fine-tuning the final product. 4-8 weeks molding making
  • Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality is paramount. We conduct thorough inspections and testing to ensure that every mold design meets the highest standards of precision, functionality, and durability.

2 Mold Production

Our punching machines can produce stamping parts of various sizes and specifications from 30 tons to 200 tons. Provide high-quality samples for pre production testing. Our equipment can meet your production requirements, such as high-speed CNC machining, precision grinding, electric discharge machines, slow wire cutting, etc.

  • Efficient Mold Production: Our streamlined mold production process ensures timely and efficient manufacturing to meet your project timelines.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We utilize advanced machinery and technology to execute precise and high-quality mold production, delivering superior results.
  • Skilled Craftsmanship: Our team of skilled professionals possesses extensive experience and expertise in mold production, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Quality Control Measures: We adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the mold production process, conducting rigorous inspections and testing to ensure the highest standards of quality and functionality.
  • On-Time Delivery: With our commitment to meeting deadlines, we prioritize on-time delivery of your molds, minimizing any disruption to your production schedule.

3 Mold Modification and Repair Solutions

Completed Automatic production equipments and supply chain supporting facilities

  • Mold Modification and Optimization: Our skilled technicians specialize in assessing and modifying existing molds to accommodate design changes and optimize performance, ensuring that your molds remain up-to-date and capable of meeting evolving production demands.
  • Efficient Mold Repair: We provide efficient mold repair services to address any damage or wear, restoring the functionality of your molds and extending their lifespan. With our mold modification and repair solutions, we help you maintain cost-effective production processes and minimize downtime.
10+ Years Of Mould Design Experience

Process of mold customization

The mold production process involves several key stages to ensure the creation of high-quality and precise molds.

Throughout the entire mold production process, we maintain open communication and collaboration with our clients, providing regular updates and incorporating any necessary adjustment

  • 10+ years

    Start a business for over 10years with a more than 15,000 square meters

  • Quality

    We adhere to rigorous quality control measures at every step of our processes.

  • Excellent Team

    More than 230 employees, including more than 50 R&D technicians

  • Certificates

    Passed ISO9001 certification, Patents and Industry Certification

Meet the Specific Needs of Customers

Precision stamping

Application: Electrical and electrical appliances

Charging Terminal

Application : Energy

IGBT Transistor

Application: Electrical and electrical appliances

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