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Servo Feeder Equipment Characteristics
- Sep 21, 2018 -

1, high-precision feeding: For the advent of high-tech industry, the computer closed-circuit system control, so that the accuracy of the ±0.03mm within.

2, Stage feeding function: Can input 20 groups of different feeding lengths, each group to provide 999 stamping times, to meet the special products of the processing production (optional).

3, personalized manual mode: can enter the appropriate three-segment manual speed, the user is more easy to operate, accurate material sent into the mold and positioning.

4, high efficiency of the relaxation device: with punch of the convex signal and simple material thickness adjustment.

5, feeding length setting: In the Control Panel, directly input feeding length, you can reach the desired song distance.

6. Feeding mechanism: Roller adopts hollow type, light weight, small rotation inertia, hard chromium plating on surface hardness hrc60°, abrasion resistance, long life.

7, can develop functions such as counting function, multi-step transfer function, mold parameter storage function and other production. 8. Servo feeder is more convenient and easy to operate than other mechanical feeder in adjusting control.

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