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Mechanical Structure Of Presses
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Press, also known as: Hydraulic Press, oil machine. The press consists of four parts: four-column hydraulic press, a combined control cabinet, an electric heating system and a heat preservation device, and a mold conveying stand.

The above-mentioned composition adopts the integrated design, so that its shape is generous, beautiful, compact and simple and reliable operation, easy maintenance.

1. Four Column Hydraulic Press The press should have a reliable structural stiffness anti-deformation ability, hydraulic station position, pressure set mold lifting connection device, hydraulic station and pressure row with removable dust cover. The workpiece can be in the direction of length (3000). The technical parameters are as follows: Nominal pressure 190T, effective table area 3000x750 mm2, 75~100 mm/s, maximum opening and closing distance 550 mm (without heating plate), holding time 8h (workpiece 130 ℃), press base height 0.5~0.55m

, the flatness of the 0.2 mm of the press and the base and the average ≤0.25 mm (not less than 10 measuring points) of the press-fit base.

2. Heating system Heating system is made up of steel heating plate, heating pipe, insulation layer. The heating plate is divided into two blocks, respectively, with the press base and the pressure row fixed connection, and easy disassembly, heating plate with high-quality 45# steel to adjust the treatment of the material. Place electric heating tubes and thermocouples in the heating plate. Thermocouple placement fastening reliable, easy to disassemble. Heating Plate Technical Parameters: Plane size 3050x650 mm2; flatness 0.2 mm; measuring point arrangement: Upper Plate 3 points, lower plate 6 points. Outer shell material of heating pipe is stainless steel, working voltage 220V. Single-sided, number of multiples of 3. Electric heating tube replacement is convenient and reliable. There is a protective device at the junction.

The insulation layer is arranged between the heating plate and the base (or the pressure row), the heating plate around the set insulation side plate should be used to make good insulation material, the plane size and the heating plate, the thickness of not less than 20 mm.

3. Control Cabinet Cabinet-type presses-action and temperature-storage unit. The instrument and switch on the cabinet panel, power switch, indicator light, voltmeter, ammeter, press action button and indicator, pressure indicator, heating switch and indicator light, digital temperature regulator (precision ±1℃), thermal insulation timer, overtemperature alarm, maximum operating temperature 180 ℃; Heating rate 1.7℃~2.5℃/

min; temperature inhomogeneity ±3℃, the heating power equalization of each phase power supply, temperature control instrument to the corresponding temperature zone real-time controls, when all reached the set value ±3℃, Timer timer, reached the set time, the temperature control system can be set by the process of automatic heating or power off.

4. Mould Conveying Frame The frame is provided with a rolling structure at the top, one end connected to the press base (detachable) and the other end placed on the ground (adjustable height). Load carrying capacity 3T, high roll-up surface is flush with lower heating plate, plane size (2800~2900) x750mm2 (usable part), temperature plate is placed around the pressure press and base, in order to reduce heat loss during mold heating, aluminum plate (or stainless steel plate) and insulation material are made. It can be divided into several blocks for ease of placement.