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Why NC feeders are favored by customers
- Dec 03, 2018 -

NC feeder is not the earliest feeder model in the stamping industry, but it is the most popular model in recent years. In just over ten years, it has gradually replaced the mainstream position of roller feeders and air feeders, and has become a stamping machine. The feeder of choice for the owner. The reason why Long Gengyi mechanical NC feeder can rise rapidly is mainly due to two reasons: one is the change of demand in the stamping manufacturing industry; the other is the performance advantage of the NC feeder compared to the air feeder and the roller feeder.

Stamping processing has entered the field of precision machining from the traditional rough processing field, and the requirements for product precision, quality and efficiency are getting higher and higher. This puts a rigid requirement on the stamping processing equipment. The main stamping processing equipment has been developed from mechanical punching. To the pneumatic precision punching machine, it is enough to meet the needs of precision machining production, and the really weak link is the development of peripheral equipment for punching machines, especially the traditional air feeders and roller feeders, due to the lack of performance, more and more stamped owners Rickets.

    Air feeders and roller feeders, as the first and second generation of feeding equipment, have become increasingly prominent in modern processing and production. The air feeder moves back and forth on the guide rail with mechanical splint, and conveys the material to the working position of the punching die for processing. This method is easy to wear on the surface of the feeding material due to the material to be clamped, and the wearing parts are more The operation and maintenance requirements are high, and at the same time, due to the movement speed of high-pressure air, it is impossible to make high-speed feeding, and the feeding longitude is poor, the feeding length adjustment is not easy, and it has been basically eliminated by the stamping industry; and Long Gengyu mechanical roller feeding As the replacement model of the air feeder, the feeding of the machine is completed by the feeding roller pushing form, which fundamentally avoids the scratching of the material, and effectively improves the feeding speed and accuracy, but the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, whenever used When different coils are used, it is necessary to use manual adjustment for feeding, which is not only time-consuming and troublesome, but also difficult to adjust the correct feeding length. Therefore, for the performance of the punching machine and the quality of the product, the high demand of the automated process cannot be achieved.

    Long Gengyi Machinery NC Feeder is the third generation of stamping and feeding equipment. It is the first model to introduce the servo control system into the feeding structure. It is driven by the servo motor through the pulley set to the lower roller and through the NC servo. The control technology completes the quantitative transportation of the material, and can enter a simple input on the independent electric control box of the feeder according to the different requirements of the feeding length, and then use the PLC to control the servo motor and the drive to change the rotation angle of the lower roller each time. In this way, the correct length of the feeding action can be made, and the feeding can be quickly fed to the correct stamping position, so as to cooperate with the precision punching machine for rapid stamping processing, and has the advantages of simple adjustment, high feeding precision, good stability, wide application range, etc. Meeting the needs of precision stamping production is the root cause of more and more customers.