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What factors should be considered when purchasing a material rack
- Jan 16, 2019 -

As one of the core components in the automated processing of presses, the material rack is an indispensable component for automated processing of presses. The main function is to carry the coiled and wound material, and the coil is unrolled and sent to the subsequent automatic equipment machine (depending on the combination of the stamping production line, sometimes the leveling machine, sometimes the feeder), and can be processed according to the production. The demand for automatic control of the amount of feed is widely used in various fields of the stamping manufacturing industry.

At present, there are many types, brands and prices of material racks in the stamping market. Under such circumstances, what factors should be considered for stamping customers to purchase material racks?

First, determine the type of material rack you need. There are five types of material racks: light material rack, heavy material rack, double-head material rack, and flat electronic feeder. In actual purchase, the stamping customer needs to first understand the width, thickness, inner diameter and outer diameter of the stamping material (roll). The raw material properties of the diameter and weight and the speed requirements of the press line are selected to select the type and model of the required material rack, and the required matching device is selected according to the requirements. Note that the model needs to be determined according to the needs of the production process. Appropriate to leave a margin.

Double head material frame

Second, we must look at the brand of the material rack. The stamping automation industry is now a relatively mature industry. The mature industry also marks its professional brands, which have the advantages of technology, talent, management and production that ordinary material rack manufacturers do not have. It is essential to create a high quality material rack. Therefore, customers must choose big brands and big manufacturers in the choice of material racks.Fanty Machinery is the leader among domestic material rack manufacturers. Its high performance, high stability and long service life make it a highly acclaimed product in the stamping market.

After that, look at the price of the material rack. Reducing management costs and giving back to customers' trust and support is the development policy that we has always adhered to. While ensuring the quality of material racks,Fanty Machinery has always adhered to fewer intermediate links and management costs to ensure preferential and satisfactory customers. Quotes, really let customers buy good material rack equipment at an affordable price.