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Types and advantages and disadvantages of high speed feeders
- Nov 23, 2018 -

The high-speed feeder refers to a type of feeder that is suitable for use with high-speed punching machines. Because the minimum punching speed of high-speed punching machines is more than 200 times/min, the high-speed feeder is actually a punching feeder with a feeding speed of 200 times/min or more. Collectively.

The high-speed feeder has four types: high-speed clip feeder, high-speed roller feeder, high-speed gear feeder, and high-speed NC servo feeder. Their respective characteristics are explained here.

1. High-speed clip feeder - the most used feeder model with high-speed punch

The high-speed clip feeder is currently the most used model with high-speed punch press, and it is also the most ideal model.

Unique advantages: fast feeding speed (the fastest model), up to 1200 times / min, can fully exert high-speed punching performance of high-speed punching machine; integrated molding structure, higher feeding precision; clamp clamping material method It does not cause any indentation or deformation on thin materials and sensitive materials with exquisite surface requirements; it is not suitable for installation of various types of high-speed punching machines; it can be used for feeding step and relaxation angle in continuous punching process of high-speed punching machine. Adjustment, quick adjustment and easy operation.

High-speed clip feeder with high-speed punch

Disadvantages: There are not many models, which are not suitable for high-speed stamping production of wide-plate and long-step feeding.

2, high-speed roller feeder - the most economical feeding machine with high-speed punch

The high-speed roller feeder is much cheaper than other models and is the most economical feeder model.

High speed roller feeder with high speed punch

Unique advantages: The high-speed roller feeder adopts Taiwan imported one-way device and reverse device. The original BMW car has the same braking device with low failure rate and good stability; the feeding speed can be as fast as 500 times/min, and the feeding precision is high.

Disadvantages: Need to install a loose rod device on the high-speed punch slider, so many gantry punches are not suitable for installation; speed is limited, step adjustment, feeding time adjustment is relatively cumbersome.

3, high-speed gear feeder - motor stator and rotor, silicon steel sheet, EI sheet high-speed stamping special models

High-speed gear feeder is a special type of machine, which is basically only used for high-speed stamping production of motor stator and rotor, silicon steel sheet and EI sheet.

High speed gear feeder with high speed punch

Unique advantages: high-speed gear feeder speed up to 600 times / min; a variety of types, suitable for high-speed feeding of a variety of wide-board materials; debugging operation is simple, high precision, stable performance.

Disadvantages: It is a special plane and has a small range of use.

4, high-speed NC servo feeder - multi-stage feeding, long-distance feeding, wide range of material thickness

The high-speed NC servo feeder is the only CNC feeder in the high-speed feeder. It is usually used in high-speed punch press processing for special processing needs.

High-speed NC servo feeder with high-speed punch

Unique advantages: high-speed NC servo feeder has a unique multi-stage feeding function to meet the multi-station production requirements; the feeding step can be set freely from 0-10 meters to meet the long-step high-speed stamping requirements; can be customized 0-9.0 Mm various thickness models to meet the high-speed stamping requirements of thick plates.

Heavy plate high speed NC servo feeder with high speed punch

Disadvantages: Due to the servo motor response time limit, usually the fastest feeding speed can only reach 300 times / min.