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Three-machine integrated rack leveling feeder saves space
- Dec 20, 2018 -

Many people may not know the three-machine integrated rack leveling feeder. So let's first explain to you which three machines are integrated. What are the characteristics of the three types of machines?

The three-machine integrated material leveling and feeding machine is mainly composed of three kinds of machines: material rack, leveling machine and feeder. The material rack is mainly for adding materials. The leveling machine accurately processes the materials, and the feeder sends them to the stamping area. This three-in-one device can effectively save the user's space, and the three machines can also run synchronously. This is also the main reason why such machines can be favored by the market.

However, many customers do not know much about their features after purchasing such products, such as how to achieve synchronization, and how to save space. Therefore, in the process of use, it will inevitably be disappointing. Since there is a doubt, you need to solve the problem one by one.

In fact, the three-machine integrated rack leveling feeder saves space and achieves synchronization, mainly due to the waiting area in the stamping production line. In the stamping production line, the three machines of the rack, the leveler and the feeder are not If there is no gap connection, there will be a waiting area between the three, and the three can be synchronized by adjusting the waiting for the material, and the saving of the space, the true meaning is to save the waiting area.

The meaning of the waiting area: the operation of the material rack is non-stop, while the feeder is intermittent feeding, so it is necessary to reserve a certain waiting space. When the metal material passes through the middle of the rack or the leveler, a certain arc is formed. When the arc becomes larger and contacts the sensor frame, the current of 24 volts is turned on, so that the relay in the middle of the rack or the leveler A jump occurs to stop the machine, and when the material leaves the sensor rack of the material rack, the machine will continue to operate, so that the cycle is operated to achieve the required quantity distribution, thereby achieving the purpose of automatic control.

Size of the waiting area: The size of the waiting area needs to be accurately calculated. This value is related to the feeding length, material thickness, and punching speed. If the material area is too large, it will cause waste of the space of the workshop, and also increase the accumulation of materials in the waiting area, increase the load on the machine at the back end of the waiting area; if the material area is too small, it will cause the leveling machine or material rack to be frequent. The start and stop of the motor will cause the motor to burn out.

Control mode of the waiting area: 24 volts current is the most common control method, but it can only be used for metal material stamping automatic feeder. If the material is not conductive, it can be replaced by photoelectric switch or micro switch. instead.

The above is the reason why the three-machine integrated rack leveling feeder can save space in the space. Have you understood?