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Three-in-one feeder thick plate processing choice
- Jan 08, 2019 -

In addition to the processing and production of medium and thin sheet materials, the stamping industry often uses thick plate materials for stamping. The so-called thick plates usually refer to sheets with a thickness of 3.5 mm or more. They all use the purchased sheet, and then many people carry out the type of manual pushing. This processing method not only has high cost of purchased sheet, but also uses manual feeding type, high labor intensity, low feeding precision and low production efficiency. There are still great security risks, and modern production cannot be applied at all.

Split type thick plate stamping production line

With the development of stamping automation, thick plate stamping production has gradually been used to automate the production line, but this production line is basically a split structure, with a hydraulic heavy material frame for carrying the roll, and unwinding, use thick The plate leveling machine flattens the internal stress to the material, uses the thick plate NC feeder to feed, and then uses the large tonnage punch to carry out the stamping process to complete the production. Although this processing method also realizes the automation of the thick plate processing, The production line not only has many equipments, complicated process flow, large layout space, and the operation is very cumbersome (multiple people need to assist in feeding, feeding and operation), which requires a long debugging time, and the flattening and feeding machine are separated. The poor synchronization of the layout leads to the final flattening and the feeding accuracy is generally not up to the requirement, and the consumable thick plate stamping production line consumes high consumables and requires special maintenance, so that the running cost of the whole line is high, and it requires a lot of money. Invest.

3 in 1 feeder short process production line

Compared with the split thick plate stamping production line, 3 in 1 feeder short-process stamping production line is indeed more expensive, but Jinzhide three-in-one feeder three-in-one structure takes up a small space, on the factory The space can be greatly saved. The loading, feeding, leveling and feeding are fully automated without manual assistance. The whole debugging process usually takes only ten minutes to complete, saving time and effort, pressing arms, folding arms, The addition of the photoelectric sensing device keeps the material frame unwinding always in a tight state, hardly relaxes, and can be fed in a long shape without curling.

At the same time, the structure type of the three-in-one feeder flattening feeding on one head makes the leveling and feeding complete synchronization, which fundamentally ensures the leveling and feeding accuracy, and the applicable material thickness range is also greatly improved. The material thickness can reach 12mm, and the  feeder realizes high integration of functions, complete protection and lubrication system, all parts are processed with special process, low consumable parts consumption and service life. The large extension, and greatly improved the efficiency and quality of the stamping process, the entire production line operation and maintenance costs have been greatly reduced, is currently a good choice for thick plate stamping processing production.