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The function and function of the heavy material rack loading trolley
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Heavy-duty material rack is a common material discharging and unwinding equipment used in stamping processing. The reliable quality step is to place the material coil on the expansion and contraction reel of the material rack to realize the loading process of the rack. Usually The completion of the loading process is carried out by a crane or a forklift. Since the loading of the crane or the forklift cannot be accurately centered (the center of the rack is up and down), the efficiency of the material is low and the accuracy is poor. It requires strong professional skills, and it is easy to break the heavy material frame and there are no small safety hazards. Especially when the large wide material, thick material and heavy material are loaded, these problems are particularly prominent, and the feeding is very inconvenient.

Material rack use

In order to solve the problem of inconvenient material feeding on the material frame, Jinzhide Machinery has designed and produced a fully automatic feeding device (ie, hydraulic loading trolley) for the heavy-duty material frame for customers to choose, which can be automatically connected. Material, automatic conveying, automatic unwinding spindle centering, automatic unwinding center centering, automatic reset, high precision of feeding, fast speed, good stability, can realize fully automated loading operation, can greatly reduce labor costs, greatly Improve effective stamping work time.

Material rack loading trolley

 heavy-duty material frame hydraulic loading trolley consists of V-shaped discharge platform, lifting motor, linear guide, chain guide, travel drive motor, walking anti-override limit stop, operation control handle, of which V-shaped discharge The platform is the bearing form of the roller shaft surface. The lifting motor is hydraulic type. The pressure maintaining valve can run smoothly when the load is controlled. The travel drive motor is a hydraulic motor. The speed can be adjusted by the throttle valve. The travel switch + hard limit stop can be effective. Prevent the trolley from walking offside.

Equipped with material trolley material frame

When the heavy-duty material frame equipped with the hydraulic loading trolley is actually used, the material roll is placed on the V-shaped discharge platform of the loading trolley, and the loading trolley automatically automatically centers the width according to the width of the material roll, automatically Lifting and lateral movement, the material roll is smoothly and accurately transferred to the main shaft of the rack to achieve precise positioning and feeding. At the same time, the trolley is provided with auxiliary feeding rollers and material roll anti-dumping baffles, when transferring materials with small material width. It can effectively prevent the material from falling over, and it is simple, convenient, fast and reliable.