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The difference between two-in-one leveling machine and three-in-one feeder
- Dec 26, 2018 -

The two-in-one leveling machine and the three-in-one feeder are the two most used automatic models in the stamping industry. The two models are very similar in shape, especially for many customers on thin and thick plates. When the customer asked for two kinds of actual inquiries, they found that the difference was very large. Therefore, many customers have doubts. Why are the two models of similar models different in price? That is because the two models are similar in appearance, but their functions, structure, and operation are very different.

1. The difference between the function of the two-in-one leveling machine and the three-in-one feeder. The two-in-one leveling machine is the abbreviation of the two-in-one material rack and leveling machine. It has two functions of unwinding and leveling of the material roll. It does not have the feeding function, and the feeding port needs to reserve a few meters of the waiting area. Separately equipped with roller feeder, NC feeder and other feeder equipment to match the punching machine, occupying a large space;  three-in-one feeder is the abbreviation of three-in-one rack leveling feeder, with the unwinding of the coil Three functions of leveling and feeding can be directly matched with the punching machine, without waiting for the waiting area and occupying a small space.

Two-in-one flattening machine

2. The difference between the structure of the two-in-one leveling machine and the three-in-one feeder. The two-in-one leveling machine can be unpowered or powered, and the press arm has no additional drive motor. The induction is usually induction of the induction frame. The motor of the leveling machine is driven by the motor and the reducer. The whole machine does not have the function of lifting up and down; Jinzhide three-in-one feeding machine racks are all powered, the press arm is equipped with drive motor, the induction is two sets of optoelectronics, the speed can be automatically controlled, and the flat feeding head drive It adopts imported servo motor precision transmission operation, and the whole machine is equipped with electric lifting adjustment device.

Three-in-one feeder

3. The difference between the operation of the two-in-one leveling machine and the three-in-one feeder. The two-in-one leveling machine needs manual positioning of the type A iron, introduction, feeding, material thickness adjustment, repeated adjustment, electronic control operation using electric control box button operation mode, integration is not high; three-in-one feeder The retaining arm performs the material limit, and the press arm, the feeding arm and the folding arm can realize the fully automatic feeding and feeding process, the precise hand wheel fine adjustment mode, the adjustment precision is high, and the electronic control operation adopts the seven-inch touch screen. It can be completed with simple handles, simple and convenient, and fully automated.