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The development trend of high speed crosscutting shears
- Dec 19, 2018 -

The high-speed cross-cutting shears are used for rapid shearing of laterally moving rolling stocks, which began in the late nineteenth century. After centuries of development, the types of flying shears used in the production process were taught. At present, the widely used flying shears are: disc-type flying shears, drum-type flying shears, crank-link flying shears, crank eccentric flying shears, pendulum flying shears, crank-link flying shears, etc. The use of flying shears and the development requirements of wire production can be seen that the flying shears have the following two trends:


(1) The quality requirements of the shear section of the high-speed cross-cutting shear are increased, which requires that the speed of the shearing blade in the horizontal direction in the shearing zone should be consistent with the maximum speed of the rolling stock. In order to achieve this goal, a uniform speed mechanism is often provided in the flying shears, and some shearing machines are also equipped with a gap adjusting mechanism. The improvement of these devices leads to an increasingly complicated structure of the shearing machine. Therefore, it can be seen that the biggest development trend of the flying shears is that the mechanism is complex, but the shear quality is correspondingly improved, the performance of the shearing machine is getting better and better, and the functions are more and more.


(2) Another trend in high-speed cross-cutting shears is the increasing degree of automation. With the development and improvement of the mechatronics process, as the rolling speed is getting faster, the automation trend has become an inevitable development direction. First of all, the production of rolling line is more and more advanced, and the rolling speed is getting faster and faster. It can not be adapted to the development of rolling process by manual operation. In order to make the manual operation not hinder the improvement of rolling process, the rolling process is inevitable. The degree of automation is getting higher and higher, which can meet the requirements of modern industrial development. The improvement of the process of controlling industrial development and mechatronics provides the necessary conditions for the development of automation.


The above is based on the wire production industry to analyze the development of flying shears. The high-speed cross-cutting shears designed and developed by Jinhao Machinery are mainly used for unwinding and shearing of cold rolled carbon sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum sheets and other thin metal sheets. Its main feature is that it does not stop cutting, and the running speed of the production line is equal to the actual shearing speed of the sheet. And can solve the biggest difficulty of the school flat-panel process - the micro-indentation of the board surface caused by the stop-cutting start. It is especially suitable for high-efficiency production of high-precision aluminum plates, mirror-finished stainless steel plate leveling and fixed-length shearing plates (<500mm).


The configuration is basically the same as the six-fold unwinding line. The difference is that the shearing machine uses servo-controlled high-speed swing shears (ROTARY). The fixed-length principle adopts rotary encoder and servo system information feedback synchronous cutting. The control system adopts German Baumüller system, and the servo system adopts German "SIEMENS" or Japanese "RELIANCE" drive system.