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The development trend of automatic cutting machine and the status quo of domestic cutting machine manufacturers
- Dec 13, 2018 -

The automatic cutting machine is also called automatic feeding machine. With the rapid development of industry in recent years, the market demand for automatic cutting machine is also increasing, and the automatic cutting machine equipment is also undergoing continuous reform and innovation. The function of the cutting machine has also evolved from the original single mode to the diversified mode. At present, the servo automatic cutting machine is the feeding device with the highest feeding precision and the most advanced technology on the market. The servo automatic cutting machine has also become the leading level in the international production and development technology, and also has a dominant position in the world supply market.

The future development trend of automatic cutting machine will be carried out from four aspects: air pressure, machinery, numerical control and intelligence, and China's preferential policies are also inclined to the industry, which is conducive to the development of the industry, with the automatic cutting machine production process and With the continuous improvement and perfection of scientific research and technology, the new cutting machine equipment will also develop from single processing to multi-mode performance to adapt to the processing of multi-species raw materials. With the development of automatic cutting machine equipment and the support of policies and technologies in the future, as well as the continuous consolidation and improvement of equipment in the industry, the cutting equipment will also develop in the direction of diversification, multi-class, large-scale and refined. get on.

    At present, although the domestic automatic cutting machine manufacturers are increasing and gradually reaching saturation, the overall equipment market has not formed a unified front, and the development is very mixed and unbalanced. There are a lot of large production suppliers that have set up maintenance and repair points overseas, but they are all in China. Let foreign companies in China's gaps can be drilled, so that some small production suppliers can not produce products in time, and face insufficient production funds, which may lock up the development channels of production suppliers.

 With the support of national policies for the development of the industry, China has established associations of various industries in various provinces and large cities. It is believed that in the near future, automatic punching machines for punching machines will also set up their own associations to unify products. The production quality, technology, and selling price, thus spontaneously resisting the impact of foreign companies on China's punch feeder market, which has played a protective role in the development of China's automatic cutting machine equipment.