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Some basic knowledge of automatic feeder products
- Nov 29, 2018 -

          1: The automatic feeder moves in the circular motion of the roller, instead of the linear motion of the four guide columns, the automatic feeder will not have a seizure phenomenon;

         2: The automatic feeding machine with high degree of automation has: a moving head type feeder controlled by a computer, a laser feeding material feeder, a high pressure air pressure and a computer feeding material feeder;

         3: Automatic feeder has three series (unwinding leveling feeder), two series (unwinding leveling machine), feeder series (NC servo feeder, high speed roller feeder, horizontal electronic feeder, yaw Stamping equipment such as feeders, precision leveling machines, automatic material racks, and AC servo robots;

         4: Specifications and features: the strength of the roller feeder;

         5: Productivity: continuous processing in multiple projects.