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Several safety facilities that must be provided in the punch feeder
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Mechanical equipment needs to be equipped with certain safety facilities. Now let me introduce you to several facilities that the feeder must have:

    1. The punch feeder should have signs such as nameplates, operating instructions and safety and warning instructions.

    2. Whether the power supply wiring of the punch feeder is standardized, and the cable of the equipment cannot be damaged or aged.

    3. The key brought by the power distribution box door lock on the punch feeder is to automatically cut off the power when the door is opened, so as to avoid the situation that the door is still energized.

    4. When the punch feeder is to perform the conversion of single, continuous, pedal stamping, etc., it should be carried out with a transfer switch with a key lock.

    5. When the punch feeder is operated in a single stroke, the continuous stamping stroke shall not occur.

    6. In the operation of selecting continuous stroke, the pre-control action should be provided during the operation.

    7, the punch feeder must have an emergency stop button, and can automatically lock.

    8. The pedal operation and hand operation of the punch feeder should have interlocking control.

    9. In the transmission gears, pulleys, flywheels, levers and other transmission parts exposed outside the fuselage and the top of the fuselage, protective covers should be installed to avoid damage to the parts.

    10. The pedal operating device of the punch feeder is to adopt the foot pedal type, and the electric switch control is performed by the pedal, and can be automatically reset.

    11. The upper and the sides of the mechanical pedal should be equipped with a protective cover, and the pedal should be non-slip.

    12. The punch feeder must have safety protection measures to prevent the hand from entering the closed area of the mold. When using the feeder, it is necessary to adopt automatic feeding and discharging, installing safety protection devices and safety molds according to different types of stamping equipment, shape of the workpiece to be produced, and so on. And use the punching operation safety measures such as special tools for feeding and feeding.

    13. Regularly test the three items of the electrical system: protective grounding, insulation and withstand voltage test, conduct tests, and record the test report.

    14. Each stamping equipment shall obtain the “Safety Approval Certificate for Stamping Equipment” and it shall be within the validity period.