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Safety knowledge of heavy-duty decoiler machine
- Nov 19, 2018 -

1. Before loading the heavy-duty decoiler machine , it is necessary to check the loading equipment (driving, forklift) to ensure the safety of the loading equipment. Pay special attention to the use of old or faulty loading equipment for heavy material racks. Carry out the loading.

2. The feeder checks the weight, inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness and width of the coil. Do not use the coil beyond the range of the heavy material frame to avoid damage to the machine.

3. Ensure that the material roll is tied with the material before the material tray is placed in the material holder, so as to avoid the personal safety accident caused by the sudden unwinding of the roll.

4. During the loading of heavy-duty decoiler machine, it is necessary to draw a forbidden zone to prevent non-operators from entering the danger zone.

5. Always cut off the power supply of the material frame before loading. After the loading is completed, the handle handle should be removed immediately. After the inspection is correct, the power can be energized. After the power is turned on, the material holder is prohibited from standing around the tile.

6. The A-type iron installed on the diagonal of the heavy-duty decoiler machine must be locked and kept at a gap of 2-5mm from the edge of the material roll to reduce the roll and the support tile while ensuring the normal discharge of the material frame. The relative range of motion between.