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Punch feeders accelerate the transformation of the stamping industry
- Dec 17, 2018 -

At present, under the pressure of labor cost, resource cost and product replacement frequency, the stamping processing industry is facing the market pressure of transformation and upgrading. In the past, the stamping industry adopted the traditional single-pulse and extensive production method, which not only led to high production cost, excessive labor intensity, serious waste of resource costs, but also brought great safety hazards to stamping production. Manual stamping feeder Safety accidents have occurred from time to time, seriously affecting the safety of customers. Faced with the pressure of the market, many stamping companies have to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, the entire stamping industry has entered the upgrade from the single-punch production mode to the continuous stamping production mode.

In the process of transformation and upgrading of the entire stamping industry, press automation equipment plays an important role in the development of the entire industry, especially the punch feeder equipment is one of the indispensable equipment for automatic production of stamping production. At present, the punch feeder has completed a cycle change from the traditional air feeder to the roller feeder to the NC servo feeder, and thanks to the assistance of the feeder, the efficient development of stamping production has been promoted.

However, there is no end to the pace of advancement. In order to comply with the rapid development of the stamping industry, press feeder enterprises should not meet the production and sales of traditional models, but should accelerate the development of large-scale, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and efficient new feeders. The class feeder adopts the three-in-one feeder as a model. It can truly improve the customer's production efficiency, save floor space, and realize the fully automated operation of the entire stamping production. It is a truly energy-efficient automatic equipment.