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Punch feeder installation
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Punch feeder installation

Today's manufacturing industry technology is changing with each passing day. In particular, automotive and metal stamping technologies are increasingly demanding high precision and high efficiency. It is essential to select automation equipment for this purpose. Long Gengyi combines more than ten years of production according to market demand. Sales and service experience, developed into a feeder, three-in-one feeder, punch automatic feeder, NC servo feeder, roller feeder series products, in order to cooperate with the mass production and automated production of the hardware manufacturing industry.

Punch feeder type

Commonly used in the punching machine have these several models: NC servo feeder, three-in-one feeder, roller feeder, pneumatic feeder.

The NC servo feeder is now one of the more high-end, high-precision, and most convenient to operate. How is the NC feeder installed on the punching machine? Let's explain the steps below.

Punch feeder installation

1. On the side of the punching table, drill the 4 holes according to the position and size of the mounting plate, and fix the mounting plate.

 2. Lift the main part with a sling, align the key between the sliding plate and the mounting plate, and fix the main body to the mounting plate with two matching bolts.

3. When the horizontal position of the feeding height is not consistent with the die pressure, the NC feeder slide will have an adjustment of about 100mm for adjustment. At this time, the two bolts on the slide plate can be loosened, and the bolts fixed on the mounting plate are adjusted. The horizontal position of the feeder can be changed. After the proper position, tighten the screws.

4. Fix the mold, make sure that the mold is perpendicular to the direction of the roller, and install the relaxed position on the punch slider. (Note: If there is a distance between the picking plate and the lower die when punching the thin material, the guiding device must be installed. Installed, the principle of not using material bending, with the mold fixed to be perpendicular to the roller, otherwise the material will be skewed, the feeding has a negative force, resulting in different lengths.)

5. Install the electric control box and proximity switch in the appropriate part of the press, and check if it is working normally. Punch feeder installation example

NC servo feeder on-site installation technical rules

One: NC servo feeder installation accessories are generally available;

 1. Body 2. Fixing plate and fixing body 3 Mounting screws: Fixing the body 4. Electric box 5. Relaxing the rod

1. Machining the fixing plate according to the size of the customer's punching machine,

2. Determine the installation location: It can be installed on the left and right sides of the punch, etc., according to customer requirements and site conditions to determine the installation location.

3. Fixing plate installation: the finished fixing plate has the insert surface attached to the side of the punching table, the fixing plate is installed in the middle of the punching side, and the vertical and parallel with the working table are maintained, and the height of the mold can be adjusted to draw the line punching attack. tooth.

4. After the tapping, the fixing plate can be installed on the side of the punching machine.

5. Then fix the NC servo feeder body on the fixed plate. The keys on the body are aligned with the slots on the mounting plate.

6. Install the rod according to the installed position of the NC servo feeder release lever. The rod should be installed on the punch slider, and the tapping on the side of the slider can be fixed.

 7. Place the electrical box in the proper position. The wire on the electric box is connected to the servo motor