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Punch feeder application range
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Punch feeder application range:

1. Widely used in screens, caps, can production lines, public facilities, sports equipment, instruments, electric control cabinets, motors, electrical appliances, locks, hardware, solar water heaters, battery iron plates, architectural decorative panels, car bicycles Cold stamping processing industry for accessories, medical equipment, metal furniture, paper machinery, muffler boards, LED lamps, kitchen equipment, etc.

2. Manufacturers of turret punch presses have been used as auxiliary equipment for the punching process. Such as punching holes arranged in various patterns, thereby reducing manufacturing costs. (Reducing power consumption, processing costs per hour and operating costs.)

3. For the development of sheet metal punching process and sheet metal shape processing without turret punching machine, reduce the initial investment of the enterprise, improve the processing efficiency and precision, and reduce the industrial accident.

4. Metal stamping industry such as cans, bottle caps, lamps, steel mesh, etc., decorative industry such as punching stencil holes, decorative plate holes. Compared with the ordinary punch, the production efficiency can be improved, and the punching distribution stamping can improve the material utilization rate, and at the same time, the workpiece is not taken by hand, and the production safety is improved.