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Precautions for purchasing heavy uncoiler machine
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Heavy-duty uncoiler machine is the most used material for unloading and unwinding in stamping automation production. It has the advantages of economical price, simple operation, low failure rate and high degree of automation. It is the first choice for discharging equipment in automatic punching production.

When the actual customer purchases the heavy material rack, Fanty feeder will analyze the recommended parameters according to the customer's actual material thickness, weight, inner diameter, outer diameter, follow-up machine matching, plant space, punch type, speed requirements and other stamping process parameters. Which heavy material is best for our stamping production.

Although the heavy-duty material frame is a simple material discharging device, in order to be suitable for the automatic production of stamping after the purchase, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

1. Find out the basic parameters of the material, width, thickness, weight, inner diameter and outer diameter of the material of the stamping material. The heavy material rack is a vertical discharging device. The coil material is fixed on the expansion and contraction reel of the material rack, so the inner diameter, the outer diameter and the load capacity are bound to be limited. In many cases, the standard material rack type is not It must be suitable for customers. At this time, the manufacturer can be customized according to the actual inner diameter, outer diameter and load capacity. It is also necessary to clarify the material and thickness of the material. When the material hardness is large and the material thickness is large, the pressure needs to be added. The material arm prevents the bulk material from affecting the unwinding.

2. Find out the space of the factory and the situation of the follow-up machine. The heavy-duty material frame has both power and power. The unpowered heavy-duty material itself has no power and is unrolled by the subsequent machine. The waiting area is relatively short, but there is loss to the subsequent machine motor; The frame itself has power, and the 24V induction rod controls the opening and closing of the material discharge. It is expected that the demand for the material area is relatively large. Therefore, when purchasing the heavy material material frame, it is necessary for the customer to have an understanding of the layout space of the plant and the subsequent matching machine.