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Please pay attention to these elements when choosing a punch feeder
- Dec 04, 2018 -

The punch feeder is specially used for the transportation of pellets, powders and flakes, and the application of the products is also very extensive! In today's society, more and more industries will adopt mechanized transportation. The punch feeder has high precision, is environmentally friendly, saves time, and greatly reduces labor intensity. Really achieved low cost and high return. Of course, choose a high-quality punch feeder to create a better cost-effectiveness. Kunshan Long Geng Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds you that you can refer to the following elements when choosing.

First, the power and stiffness of the punch feeder and the range of maneuver should be compatible with the nature of the process and the most appropriate amount of cutting. If the blank is removed by the roughing process and the cutting allowance is selected, the machine tool requires large power and good rigidity.

Second, the structure of the punch feeder depends on the size of the machine tool, the weight of the workpiece and other factors.

Third, the working accuracy of the punch feeder is compatible with the machining accuracy required by the process. According to the machining accuracy requirements of the parts, the machine tool should be selected. For rough machining processes with low precision requirements, machine tools with low precision should be selected. For precision machining operations with high precision requirements, high precision machine tools should be selected.

Fourth, the size of the main specifications of the punch feeder should be compatible with the contour size of the workpiece. That is, small workpieces should be machined with small gauges, while large workpieces should be machined with large gauges to ensure proper use of the equipment.

5. Convenient clamping and simple fixture structure is also a factor to consider when choosing punching equipment. The choice of horizontal punch feeder or vertical punch feeder will directly affect the structure of the selected fixture and the machining coordinate system, which is directly related to the difficulty of CNC programming and the reliability of CNC machining. It should be noted that the selection of the punch feeder should make full use of the functions of the numerical control equipment and rational development as needed to expand the functions of the press machine to meet the needs of the product.


       The characteristics of the punch feeder device have always been an important indicator affecting the machining performance of CNC machine tools. Around the improvement of the dynamic characteristics and static characteristics of the punch feeder device, various punch feeder technologies have been developed at home and abroad in recent years. It is foreseeable that with the development of advanced technologies such as high-speed cutting, ultra-precision machining, and network manufacturing, the all-digital AC punch feeder system with network interface, linear punching system and high-speed electric spindle have become the focus of the machine tool industry and become a punching machine. Feeder system development direction