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Plane electronic feeder automatic speed control principle
- Jan 08, 2019 -

In order to realize the automatic processing of stamping, in addition to the use of the step-feeding equipment feeder, the material rack for placing the sheet coil and unwinding it is also essential, according to the required load. Attributes (width, thickness, material weight) and stamping process requirements are different.  designed and produced five kinds of material racks for stamping customers, which are light material racks, heavy material racks, and heavy hydraulics. Material holder, double-head material holder and flat electronic feeder.

Flat electronic feeder

The first four of  five material racks are vertical discharge equipment, which is to insert the inner diameter of the coil into the reeling reel, and then tighten to realize the discharge. The four vertical discharge equipments are customized. High (inner diameter, outer diameter, load can be customized), wide range of material thickness, and is currently used in the stamping industry, but there is a significant shortcoming that the slow unwinding speed (fast 16m / min) And the speed regulation needs to be stopped, and the synchronization with the subsequent machine is not good, so it can not be used in high-speed and precision processing. The horizontal electronic feeder is used as the horizontal horizontal discharge and unwinding equipment for high-speed, high-precision stamping and unwinding, discharging occasions.

Flat electronic feeder structure

The flat electronic feeder realizes the discharging function through the flat loading tray, which is not limited by the inner diameter of the material roll. At the same time, the multi-roll stacking can save the feeding time, and the big advantage is that the unwinding speed is fast and fast. Up to 30m/min, at the same time, according to the speed of the subsequent leveler or feeder, the discharge speed can be automatically adjusted, and the function of synchronous operation with the subsequent machine can be realized automatically. There is no need for manual shutdown adjustment, which is far from other material racks. Comparable.

The plane electronic feeder has a swinging rod that can swing up and down. The lower end of the swinging rod is connected with a supporting wheel. The other end of the swinging rod is connected with a potentiometer. The output of the potentiometer is connected to the output end of the electronic IC board. The electronic IC The board output is connected to the motor inverter controller.

Double layer flat electronic feeder

As the swinging speed of the flat electronic feeder changes with the unwinding speed, the drooping amplitude will become larger and smaller, and the loading wheel will move up and down. When the current leveling machine or the feeder is fast, the amplitude of the pendulum will sag. When it becomes smaller, the loading wheel will rise upwards. On the contrary, the width of the droop will become larger. As the feeding wheel sinks, the potentiometer moves with the center of the potentiometer and the center of the potentiometer, and different resistances appear. The value, the resistance value of this change, enters the electronic IC board, undergoes internal calculation processing, outputs an analog signal, and supplies the motor variable frequency controller to adjust the running speed of the Jinzhide plane electronic feeder, so that the speed can be subsequently leveled or The feeder is consistent, the front is fast, and the front is slow and slow, achieving full synchronous discharge.