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Performance difference between three common punch feeders
- Jan 16, 2019 -

The feeder is an indispensable accessory for the automatic stamping production of the punching machine. There are many types of punching machines, but whether it is a precision punching machine, a high-speed punching machine or a table punching machine, it is also used as an air feeder, a roller feeder, and an NC servo. There are three types of feeders. For many stamping owners who purchase punch feeders for the first time, in the face of these three punch feeders, they often don’t know how to choose, do not understand the difference between the three, and do not understand why they are so different in price. For this reason, Jin Zhide Machinery explains the difference in performance of these three feeders commonly used in presses:

Air feeder use case

1. Air Feeder: This is a kind of feeding equipment that is used in the stamping industry to realize automatic production with the punching machine. It is powered by external air source (8C and 8C air feeder with its own cylinder), through the cylinder clamp Tight material, the floating rod is pressed down by the floating rod to realize the feeding, and the feeding step and time are adjusted by the degree of the floating rod pressing the cylinder. The air feeder is low in these three punch feeders. If the punching finished product of the stamping owner has low precision requirements, consider the punch feeder type, but pay special attention to the air feeder failure rate is relatively high, in actual use. Need to be maintained.

Roller feeder use case

2, roller feeder: This is the current type of feeding machine with a punch, the price is higher than the air feeder but lower than the NC servo feeder, is the cost-effective model of these three punch feeders, it itself There is no power, it is powered by the eccentric disk mounted on the output shaft of the punching machine, and the feeding step is adjusted by the eccentricity of the eccentric disk. Therefore, the feeding step has a limit of only 300mm, and the matching punch must be There is an output shaft.

NC servo feeder use case

3, NC servo feeder: This is a punching machine with high degree of automation, wide application range, good feeding precision and easy operation. It can feed the feeding distance up to 10m, and can transport air feeder and roller feeder. The wide material, thick material, feeding step, speed and number of times that can not be transported can be input on the touch screen, but since the electronic control system is quite high-end and complicated, the price is also high.