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Oil pressure heavy material frame common matching device
- Jan 02, 2019 -

The hydraulic heavy-duty material frame is a model that was born by hydraulic expansion instead of the traditional hand-expanding method. Compared with the standard heavy-duty material frame, the expansion and contraction is quicker and more labor-saving (completed by the hydraulic station), and the unwinding is more Stable (controlled by the frequency converter for unwinding speed), mainly used for unloading and unwinding of large and heavy-duty coils. At the same time, in actual use, according to the special processing and production requirements of customers, hydraulic heavy-duty material rack also has a series of Optional devices are available.

Standard hydraulic heavy material rack

 hydraulic pressure heavy material frame commonly used optional devices are pneumatic pressure arm, pneumatic disc brake device, material blocking device, feeding device, material arc photoelectric control device:

1. The pneumatic pressing arm is a device for preventing the automatic winding of the material and the auxiliary material frame. The pneumatic pressing arm is hinged on the frame of the hydraulic heavy material frame, and is driven by the pneumatic cylinder to rotate around the hinge point. The middle of the pressing arm is provided with a gear reduction motor, and the front end of the pressing arm is equipped with a pressing wheel and a gear reduction motor. Drive the pressure roller. The pneumatic pressing arm is rotated by the cylinder, so that the pressing wheel is pressed on the outer surface of the sheet wrapped on the expansion and contraction drum of the heavy material frame, and then the gear reduction motor drives the pressing wheel to rotate, and assists the board during feeding. Material tow to complete the automatic feeding.

Pressure arm oil pressure heavy material frame

2. The pneumatic disc brake device is matched with the hydraulic heavy-duty material frame expansion and contraction cylinder, and the pneumatic disc brake device can effectively prevent the sheet material from spreading due to the rotational inertia during braking.

Dispensing disc brake device hydraulic heavy material rack

3. The material-receiving device is an optional device for replacing and fixing the material roll instead of the A-type iron. The hydraulic heavy-duty material rack retaining device comprises a reassuring cylinder fixedly mounted on the heavy-duty material rack frame and two retaining rollers hinged to the heavy-duty material rack frame, and the cylinder is connected to the two retaining rollers; the two retaining rollers are A screw is connected between them, and the discharge width between the two material rollers is adjusted by the screw. During work, the discharge width is adjusted by two screw rollers with a screw. When the material is discharged, the retaining roller is lifted by the avoiding cylinder to avoid the sheet material, which facilitates loading and unloading of the sheet material.

Heavy-duty material frame with counter arm, heavy-duty material frame with support arm

4. The feeding device is an optional device designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of material racks and to facilitate the feeding of the machine. The support arm of the hydraulic heavy-duty material rack-feeding device is hinged to the heavy-duty material rack frame and is driven by the cylinder to rotate around the hinge point. The supporting surface of the hydraulic type feeding arm is curved, and the arc surface is installed. Guide wheel. When loading, the hydraulic pressure arm is rotated to the proper position by the oil cylinder. The curved surface and the guide wheel structure make the material roll easier to be loaded into the heavy material frame expansion and contraction barrel, and the hydraulic type storage arm. It plays the role of the material and the guide material, and is very convenient for charging.

5. The material arc photoelectric control device mainly replaces the traditional sensor frame, which not only avoids the direct contact type induction on the surface of the material, but also can cooperate with the frequency converter to realize the fully automatic control speed of the oil pressure heavy material frame. The arc material photoelectric control device of heavy material frame is composed of one set (or two groups) of on-beam photoelectric, and the material arc is controlled by the opposite photoelectric. When the outer arc surface of the plate enters the photoelectric range, the material frame stops. The group optoelectronics can not only control the start and stop, but also achieve full automatic speed control.