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NC feeder slipping bias solution
- Dec 21, 2018 -

The commissioning and use of the NC feeder is simpler and more convenient than other types of feeding equipment. However, if there is a problem with the actual material or the debugging is not correct, the NC feeder will inevitably have an inaccurate feeding phenomenon and an incorrect phenomenon. The common phenomenon is that the material of the NC feeder is slipping and skewing during transportation. In this case, it should be solved according to the method attached to the Jin Zhide NC feeder.

1. The quality of the material itself causes slipping and biasing. After the occurrence of the slippage of the NC feeder, first check the quality of the material itself to see if there is any bending, unevenness, uneven material thickness, and too heavy edge next to the material. If it exists, replace the qualified coil material.

2. The uneven pressing force of the front material spring of the NC feeder machine leads to the phenomenon of slipping and biasing. When the NC feeder press spring is used, the left and right pressing force should be consistent, and at the same time, ensure that the press spring has a pressing material, which cannot be controlled by the pull-on material.

3. Only one of the NC feeder air pipes is connected. Jinzhide NC feeders are equipped with two air pipes, which are connected to two cylinders to realize the function of clamping and loosening. Many customers often only use one when they are actually used. Although they can be used, they are often used. When thick, there will be a phenomenon that the clip is not tight and the material is slippery. Therefore, in actual use, the two tubes of the NC feeder must be connected.

4. The waiting area between the leveling machine or the two-in-one rack leveler and the NC feeder is too long, the material material arc is too large, and the pulling force of the NC feeder is too large, resulting in biased material. Solution: When the stamping process is satisfied, the distance between the feeder and the leveling machine or the two-in-one rack leveling machine should be shortened as much as possible to avoid the material material arc in the waiting area being too large and too heavy. If the feeding machine pulls too much, it will cause slipping; for the feeding of thick and wide board materials, the support frame can be used instead of the induction frame to avoid excessive pulling of the NC feeder.