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NC feeder feeding error solution
- Jan 18, 2019 -

NC feeder is a commonly used three-feeder type with convenient installation, convenient operation, simple operation, high feeding precision, stable performance, low failure rate and easy maintenance. It is equipped with Yaskawa servo motor and Mitsubishi PLC. The touch screen constitutes an excellent electronic control system, although the price is much higher than that of the air feeder and the roller feeder, but with its excellent performance, it has become a popular feeding device in the industry.

 feeder relies on electronic control system and high-quality processing technology. Under normal use conditions, the feeding accuracy can reach within ±0.02mm, but it is inevitable that if the normal debugging and maintenance are not allowed. There are several reasons why the NC feeder can not feed accurately.

1. The external air supply pressure of the NC feeder is insufficient, resulting in clamping and loosening of the cylinder. Jinzhide NC feeder uses cylinder clamping and relaxation. If the pressure of the air source is insufficient, the cylinder will not operate normally, which will affect the normal feeding action. At this time, the three-point combination of the NC feeder can be checked to see the pressure gauge. The pressure to check the external air source is solved.

2. The pressing force of the NC feeder press spring is not enough. The pressure of the feed spring of the feeder is not adjusted well, which will cause the material to slide between the rollers, which will result in inaccurate feeding. At this time, the pressing force of the pressing spring can be appropriately increased.

3. The feeding time or relaxation time of the NC feeder is incorrect. The stamping process of different molds is different, the actual feeding time and relaxation time are different. Many customers actually use the Jinzhide NC feeder, and often only adjust the feeding height after changing the mold, but the feed is not changed. And the relaxation time, causing feeding, relaxing too early or too late, causing the feeding is not allowed, then re-adjust the NC feeder feeding and relaxation time.

NC feeder display

4. The actual feeding speed of the NC feeder is too fast. Due to the limitation of the response time of the electronic control system, the NC feeder is not a high-speed feeding device. The punching speed is generally over 200 times, and the NC feeder can't keep up. At this time, only other high-speed feeding devices can be replaced (such as Roller feeder, clip feeder, gear feeder).

5. There is oil or foreign matter in the feeding roller of the NC feeder. There is a material in the NC feeder drum that can cause the material to slip and the material cannot be clamped; if there is foreign matter in the drum, the gap will be inaccurate, and the drum can be cleaned at this time.