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Mechanical use of Presses
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Improper press operation or stamping die setting causes the main cause of press damage and downtime. Proper training of press operators and stamping die sets ensures that they operate according to the correct process.

This can quickly reduce downtime. Each shift to the operator before each point of the brake shaft filling lubricating oil, ball first class daily with oil gun filling 20-30 number of mechanical oil, the clutch part of the day before the class with oil gun pressure injection of lubricating oil once.

The machine is cleaned before each class is shut down. Check the fasteners to complement the external missing parts. Check clutch and spring, belt. Check each lubricating device of the machine. Check the electrical circuit breakage, aging, motor, electromagnet is normal. Check the accuracy and wear of crankshaft rails. Check the brakes, clutch, slider, closing block, closing ring. Check the electrical control section.

Inspection and adjustment of the connection bolts of the fuselage table. According to the different machine types and processing requirements of presses, make the relevant and practicable safety operation rules, and carry out the necessary job training and safety education. The use of units and operators must strictly abide by the design and manufacturing units provided by the safe use of instructions and operating procedures, the correct use, overhaul.

Press General safety operation requirements are as follows: Before moving equipment, to check whether the operating part of the press, clutch and brake is in force, whether the safety protection device is complete and easy to use, the crank and slider mechanism of the body are not abnormal. Find abnormal should take the necessary measures immediately, do not operate with the disease, prohibit disassembly and damage to safety devices. Before the formal operation must be idling test, confirm that the parts are normal before work. Before the boot should clean up all unnecessary items on the workbench, to prevent the car from falling to the injured person or the impact switch caused the sudden start of the slide.

The operation must use the tool, is forbidden to direct the hand to the mold mouth to take the object, the hand tool must not put on the mold. The foot must leave the foot pedal when the workpiece position is adjusted in the die area or when the workpiece is removed from the mold. Multi-person operation of the same pressure machine should be unified command, clear signal, waiting for the other party to make a clear response, and confirm leaving the danger zone again action. A sudden power outage or operation should be turned off, and the manipulator will be restored to the clutch air, brake in the braking state. For the press overhaul, adjustment and installation, adjustment, disassembly of the mold, the machine should be disconnected from the energy (such as electricity, gas, liquid), machine tools to stop the operation of the situation, and under the slider to put a reliable support pad block. The machine starts the switch place to announce the warning.