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Mechanical NC feeder structure features
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Unlike the other models commonly used in other feeder types, the NC feeders are available in both pneumatic and mechanical versions. At the time of normal sales, pneumatic NC feeders are standard models and mechanical NC feeders are used. Optional models, but few customers really understand the difference between the two, resulting in many customers who are more suitable for mechanical NC feeders have chosen the standard pneumatic NC feeder, Machinery Detailed explanation of the NC feeder.

Two NC servo feeders

The reason why the pneumatic NC feeder is a standard model is that its installation is not limited. It can be used not only with various punches, but also with hydraulic presses, shearing machines and laser cutting machines. However, there is a lack of relaxation. The air source drives the cylinder to complete, and the speed is slow, which leads to the limited overall feeding speed. The mechanical NC feeder is optional because the installation is limited and the loose rod device needs to be installed on the processing equipment. Can be used with a punch press, but it has a significant advantage that it is fast and fast, suitable for short-step high-speed feeding, and it is very easy to relax and adjust when used with traditional punching machines. Therefore, it is more suitable for high-speed stamping occasions and traditional punching machines. Mechanical NC feeder.

Mechanical NC feeder head

NC feeder is composed of two parts: the mechanical head and the electric control box. Although the mechanical control box is the same as the pneumatic NC feeder, the head part and the pneumatic NC feeder have the pole. Big difference.

The mechanical NC feeder head can be divided into two parts, the upper part and the lower part. The servo motor is fixed on the lower left side of the lower part , and the main shaft is fixed on the right side of the motor. The main shaft is passed by the motor. The synchronous pulley is driven, the lower drum (active roller) and the gear are fixed on the main shaft, and the handle is fixed on the lower right side, and the left side of the handle is connected with a rotating rod, and two irregular adjusting blocks are fixed on the rotating rod. In this way, it is necessary to adjust the distance between the lower drum (active roller) and the upper roller (passive roller), and only need to turn the handle to push the adjusting block up to the upper part, and the irregular adjusting block is to adjust the gear position diversification; The entry of the processing material, the front end of the lower part is fixed with a bracket wheel and two adjusting wheels in turn, and the height of the two adjusting wheels is preferably parallel with the center of the distance between the main shaft and the counter shaft, so that the feeding is convenient; the lower roller is fixed at the same time as the lower roller. (active roller) and the upper roller (passive roller) and gear used in combination with the gear, and fixed by the countershaft, and the upper part is also fixed with the punching and loosening rod Loose wheel;

Mechanical NC feeder

When the mechanical NC feeder feeds, the processing material passes the lower roller and the upper roller, and the processing materials are conveyed by clamping and driving of the two rollers; when the punching slider pushes the bar to press down, the relaxation action is realized, and the precise stepping is realized. Feeding action.