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Mechanical characteristics of three-in-one feeder
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The three-in-one feeder is a fully automatic feeding device for feeding, rectifying and material racking, high-tech, high-precision and high-efficiency equipment. And the three-in-one feeder has many functions and advantages, saves space, is durable, and has simple operation. It is especially effective for extra long, extra wide and thick materials. The mechanical characteristics of the lower three-in-one feeder will be described in detail below.

    Mechanical characteristics of three-in-one feeder

    1. The three-in-one feeder adopts computer NC control system, which is more user-friendly design. It is suitable for feeding and correcting all kinds of metal sheets. It is suitable for a wide range of materials from 0.3-6.0 thick, designed for space saving and easy operation.

    2. Three-in-one feeder is suitable for continuous stamping processing of various hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys and auto parts, feeding correction, accurate and durable; material roll device, using oil pressure expansion, material is sent to the die, no manual entry Material, labor saving, high safety.

    3. Three-in-one feeder adopts imported Japanese servo motor, electrical box electronic parts and controller, etc. The product has low failure rate and long service life.

    4.Three-in-one feeder simple structure design, maintenance, management are simple, and enhance the safety of the operator's work; roller chrome plating, high precision, very durable.

    5. The three-in-one feeder can set the feeding length arbitrarily, the operation is easy, the safety and stability are high, and the front end of the coil is flattened to facilitate the material to enter the roller. The motor drives the press arm device to keep the material from loose.