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Matters needing attention during the use of the punch machine and feeder machine
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Before the press feeder is turned on, it needs to be checked a series of times, such as whether the fastening screws are loose, whether there are foreign objects between the gears and rollers, gears and bearings.

Wear condition, whether the feeder feed height is appropriate,

Whether the thickness and width of the stamping material are out of the scope of use, the above inspection is confirmed to be correct and can be started to operate; secondly, the degree of automation of the feeder

Very high, but the operator still needs to undergo rigorous technical training.

Understand the feeding principle, the debugging method, and strictly operate according to the operating flow. Firstly, the inching test will be carried out, and the inching test will be carried out without any error.

Dynamic stamping production. Finally, after the feeder has been used for a while,

All need to be systematically maintained, paying special attention to the maintenance interval and maintenance period, which should be different according to the frequency of use of the machine and the stamping process.

According to the specific situation,

At the same time, in the summer and winter, it is necessary to use lubricating oil with different viscosity when lubricating the feeder. In summer, the oil with high viscosity is used to ensure long-term lubrication effect.

Oils with low viscosity prevent lubricant from freezing and affect production.