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Material rack selection method
- Jan 11, 2019 -

The use of coil materials in stamping production can reduce production costs, facilitate transportation, reduce space occupation and advance the production of automated processing. Therefore, the use of coil materials in modern stamping processing has become the consensus of the industry. If the coil material is to be used in punch press processing, it needs special equipment to discharge and unwind it. The equipment stamping industry that realizes this function calls it a material rack.

The material frame is an essential component of the press production line equipment. It is usually divided into horizontal material frame and vertical material frame according to different materials placement methods. Currently, the flat electronic feeder in the stamping industry (also known as disk feeding) The machine is a horizontal material frame, and the vertical material frame is divided into a light material frame, a heavy material frame, a hydraulic heavy material frame and a double-head material according to the weight of the load-carrying material and the number of the roll. With these four types, how do you choose the stamping owners of such a wide variety of material racks? In order to help our customers to purchase Jin Zhide to introduce the performance and characteristics of various material racks.

1. Performance and characteristics of flat electronic feeder

Flat electronic feeder

As a kind of horizontal feeder, the flat electronic feeder adopts the plane loading tray discharging method, which is not limited by the inner diameter of the coil. The tracker and pendulum provide control signal frequency conversion automatic speed control unwinding, and the unwinding speed is fast and stable. It has the advantages of simple feeding (multi-roll rolls can be stacked at the same time), fast unwinding speed (up to 30m/min), easy operation, etc., as long as it is used in high-speed presses for high-speed sheet metal stamping processing. Pay special attention to the flat electronic feeding machine. Due to the horizontal discharge method, the applicable material width and thickness are strictly limited. The large applicable material thickness is 1.0mm, and the large applicable material width is 120mm. If this range is used, the vertical type is required. If the material frame is too wide and too heavy, the drag force on the pendulum bar will be too large, which will affect the normal operation of the unwinding.

2. Performance and characteristics of lightweight material rack

Lightweight material frame

The lightweight material frame can be used as a vertical material rack, which can be used for the discharge of light material coils, and can also be used for the winding of thin sheet scraps. However, the inner diameter, outer diameter and load capacity of the applicable materials are strictly limited. If this restriction is imposed, a heavy material rack is required.

3. Performance and characteristics of heavy material racks

Heavy material rack use

The heavy-duty material frame is a kind of discharging and unwinding equipment which is used in the stamping industry at present. It is affordable, has a wide application range, and can be customized to a high degree. It is suitable for most press processing automation occasions.

4, the performance and characteristics of hydraulic heavy material rack

Hydraulic heavy material frame

The hydraulic heavy-duty material frame is an upgraded and improved type of heavy-duty material frame, which changes the manual heavy-duty material frame hand-operated inner diameter expansion mode to the oil pressure automatic expansion mode, which greatly reduces the labor intensity, and is mainly used for the unwinding of heavy material rolls. Usually, when the weight of the coil exceeds 2T, we 

recommends that the stamping customer choose this rack.

5, the performance and characteristics of the double-head material rack

Double head material frame

The double-head material frame is an unwinding device developed and manufactured to improve the efficiency of stamping production. It has two vertical expansion and contraction reels to carry the roll, which can be used for another roll while unwinding and unloading one roll. The feeding of the barrel saves the refueling downtime, and is mainly used for the high-efficiency processing of silicon steel sheets and EI sheets.

The performance and characteristics of various material rack equipment are clarified. Customers only need to clarify the width, thickness, weight of the material roll and the process requirements of the product processing and production.