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Introduction of Straightening Machine
- Sep 21, 2018 -

When the rolled pieces come out from the rollers, there are often bends, and during the cooling and transportation process, bending deformation and warping are also produced.

In order to get a flat plate, so play warp straightening machine leveling. The straightening machine is arranged in the rear of main mill and the normal furnace respectively. After rolling and heat treatment, the steel plate is transported from the roller to the straightening machine for rectification. The correction temperature is generally between 650 ℃ to 800 ℃. Correction of the road, according to the thickness of the plate and deformation of the size of the decision, the general straightening way. The steel plate is thick, the deformation is small, and the number of corrections is less.

The plate is thin and the deformation is large, then the road is corrected more than once. When the steel plate into the straightening machine, the upper and lower work roll on the plate of the unit force, more than the yield stress of the steel plate in the state, so that the steel plate in the rectification process, resulting in plastic deformation and elastic deformation, after repeated bending repeatedly, eliminating the original roughness of the plate, to get a flat plate.

When straightening the steel plate, the straightening roller is cooled by water.