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Installation of Presses
- Sep 21, 2018 -

Users will be the pressure to install the location, open the box, and then according to the instructions to install the work, the press placed on the cement foundation has been laid, with the level of the fuselage on the working table around the front and rear inspection, the level of the required length of 1 000 mm allowed 0. 20 mm, if an uneven iron is adjusted until the requirements are met. The ground map is shown in Figure 10. After the cement solidification, should be evenly tighten the anchor screw screw Manager (M24), with the level of the level of the body to check the table, the pressure machine must be completely solidified in order to begin work.

After the press is installed, the rust oil on the machined surface of the press should be carefully washed with kerosene. Kerosene should not fall on the surface of the paint to avoid damage to the paint. Care should be taken to clean the convex shoulder and the sunken place, after cleaning with cotton yarn dry, coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil. And check the lubrication holes are unblocked, not clogging phenomenon.