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How to maintain the precision straightener machine
- Nov 15, 2018 -

When you maintain the precision straightener machine, first of all, the mechanical parts of the straightener machine, the exposed parts of the machine and the parts that are more likely to rust should be greased or rust-proofed to prevent the machine from rusting, gears, sprockets, etc. Parts need to be lubricated with grease once every fifteen days.

Secondly, it is necessary to clean the flattening roller. In some workshops, the dust may be large or the raw materials are not clean. The leveling roller of the leveling machine is dirty, and the material is contaminated or scratched when the material is leveled, resulting in product failure.

Therefore, it is important to remember to clean the flattening roller. When cleaning the roller, use long cloth and rust-proof cleaning oil. Spray the rust-proof cleaning oil on the roller of the leveling machine first, then spray the rust-proof cleaning oil and metal material on the cloth. Stack together, then convert the leveling machine to manual, press the metal material and the cloth into the flattening drum according to the forward rotation, remove the metal material after the cloth comes out from the discharge port, and keep the cloth in the leveling machine drum. Then, the leveling machine is switched to automatic, and the material of the feeding port and the discharging port are grasped by both hands, and the dirt on the drum is cleaned by the rolling of the drum and the friction of the cloth, so as to achieve the clean effect of the leveling roller, and there is a certain cleaning process. The danger of the operator, please be sure to pay attention to safety.