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High-speed roller feeder safety precautions
- Dec 03, 2018 -

The processing cost of stamping enterprises is constantly improving. Therefore, stamping enterprises are striving to reduce production costs, change processing technology, increase automation equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. This is a common method used by stamping enterprises in today's difficult recruitment environment. Even the stamping enterprises in the inland industrial areas with low labor costs are choosing the punch feeder. The high-speed roller feeder has stable performance and affordable price. The installation will become the preferred feeder for inland stamping enterprises.

Many long-distance stamping enterprises, Long Gengyi, do not work in the local area. Customers can reduce their purchase cost and choose to install and debug their own machines. Of course, Long Geng will provide full installation guidance and telephone guidance. When customers choose high-speed roller feeders, they should know what to pay attention to before installation. Long Geng Machinery summarizes the following points for customers who want to install high-speed roller feeders.

High speed roller feeder

1. The high-speed roller feeder punching machine must have an output shaft, and the output shaft must have a length of 50mm or more.

2. according to the need to choose a high-speed roller feeder is installed to the left or right side of the punch, usually installed on the left side of the punch, if there is no space on the left side of the plant, you can also choose to install directly in front of the punch, install When the punch is directly in front of the punching machine, if the selected model is small in width, it is necessary to lengthen the connecting shaft of the rocker arm of the feeder and the cross joint to prevent the eccentric disk from colliding with the upper cross joint, or the punch type is larger and The output shaft is directly in front of the punching machine. At this time, when installing the feeder, pay attention to lengthen the drive shaft of the feeder to prevent the connecting rod from colliding with the punching table.

3. large punch selection When installing the high-speed roller feeder, it is recommended to purchase a second length fine-tuning device, which is more convenient and convenient, does not need to climb to adjust, increase safety hazards.