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High speed roller feeder one-way device
- Dec 26, 2018 -

In order to ensure the accuracy of feeding and debugging, the high-speed roller feeder will be equipped with a one-way transmission device (referred to as a one-way device) at the connection between the high-speed transmission shaft of the transmission system and the feeding roller, which is one of the core components of the roller feeder.

High speed roller feeder

At present, the high-speed roller feeder unidirectional device commonly used in the market adopts the structure of a tapered roller, and the force transmission thereof transmits the power by the frictional force generated between the cylindrical roller and the tapered groove, and the high speed Roller feeder A unidirectional device of such a structure has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture, but sometimes it is difficult to combine between the roller and the tapered groove, and at the same time, the force is transmitted by the friction force, and the force transmitted by the roller is small, so As a result, the roller feeder on the market will be inaccurate and unstable after long-term use.

Roller feeder structure

In order to eradicate this deficiency,  high-speed roller feeder adopts a unique innovative structure one-way device. Its one-way device consists of adjusting wheel, flat washer, bearing, bearing cover, drive shaft, sealing ring, spring piece and countersunk head. The bolt and the brake key block are fundamentally solved, and the existing high-speed roller feeder ratchet type one-way device has the defects of unreliable work and small transmission force.

Roller feeder one-way device

When the high-speed roller feeder is assembled, the one-way adjustment wheel is placed on the outer circle of the feeder drive shaft, the spring piece is mounted on the adjustment wheel, and the brake key is on the adjustment wheel. Installed in the groove corresponding to the drive shaft, two flat washers are mounted from both sides to the inner circular hole of the adjusting wheel and the outer circumference of the transmission shaft. The new one-way device of the roller feeder is directly driven by the brake button because the force transmission is transmitted, so the torque transmitted is large and the brake button has a large force arm, which is easy to rotate under the action of the spring piece, so the combination and separation are also It is relatively reliable, and fundamentally solves the problem of difficulty in combining one-way devices, unreliable work, and small transmission force.