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High speed roller feeder maintenance and maintenance
- Dec 21, 2018 -

As a long-term use device, the high-speed roller feeder must perform necessary maintenance and maintenance in order to stabilize its performance for a long time, reduce the failure rate, ensure safety and prolong its service life.

 high-speed roller feeder maintenance and maintenance is much simpler than the matching punch, mainly to do the following:

1. Before daily use, it is necessary to check the fastening screws of the eccentric disc fixing seat, the tie rod and the body of the high-speed roller feeder to prevent loose, weak or lost phenomenon, so as to avoid damage to the machine or personnel. A security incident has occurred.

Special attention: The tightening of the three screws of the eccentric disc holder needs special inspection, which is also often overlooked by the operator. Once the three screws are loose, the entire eccentric disc and the connecting rod may fall, so this The item inspection must not be ignored.

3. In the monthly maintenance, in addition to the basic screw tightening inspection, the grease bit position on the high-speed roller feeder should be added to the grease. The specific position of the roller feeder is detailed in the manual. Located on the eccentric disc, on the cross joint and at the one-way device.

Special attention: the choice of lubricating butter is not fixed, but it is necessary to choose different viscosity oil according to the actual temperature. In the summer, you need to use the butter with higher viscosity. In winter, you need to use the butter with less viscosity (to prevent the butter from coagulating. ), only the butter that actually chooses different viscosity according to the temperature can really achieve good lubrication.

4. When the roller feeder is not used for a long time, or when it is used in winter, it needs to be equipped with a punching machine to carry out the preheating test machine with no feeding for more than 3 minutes, so that the machine can get the necessary running-in and lubrication, so as to ensure the precision temperature and extend the use of the machine. life.