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High speed roller feeder one-way device
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The roller feeder is not only divided into a variety of models according to the width and step of the applicable material, but also has a low speed and a high speed according to the actual feeding speed. The high speed of the  low speed roller feeder can only reach 190 times / min, mainly with traditional punch, low-speed pneumatic precision punch for low-speed stamping processing, and high-speed roller feeder up to 600 times / min, mainly used with high-speed punch for medium and high-speed stamping produce.

Roller feeder structural components

Roller feeders operate at the same speed, whether low speed or high speed: they are mounted on the output shaft of the punch (crankshaft) through the eccentric disc, through the cross joint, the tie rod, the rocker arm and the output shaft. The reciprocating rotation of the feeding roller is controlled, and the feeding roller rotates the feeding roller through the gear set to realize the feeding of the feeding roller, and the clamping roller is adjusted by the eccentric rod and the gap between the feeding rollers to finely adjust the thickness of the strip. And by adjusting the elastic tension spring to properly press the clamping roller to press the material, the feeding roller reciprocally rotates the feeding, and then the braking device dampens the inertial movement of the feeding roller; when feeding to the predetermined position, it is mounted on the punching slider The roller feeder relaxes the rod-spinning device and relaxes the Palin at the right time, and flips the relaxation shaft with the stepped shaft at both ends to lift the material of the clamping roller to loosen the material, so that the locating pin can accurately set the material to the material.

High-speed roller feeder

At this point, many stamping customers may ask that since the low-speed models of the Jinzhide roller feeder are the same as the high-speed models, what makes the two models have such a big difference in the feeding performance? Jinzhide high-speed roller feeder not only greatly improved the material selection, processing technology and precision, such as the high-speed roller feeder, its bearing and gear parts all adopt Japanese NSK brand, and the one-way device and reverse device all use original Switzerland. Imported brands, etc., while a series of improvements in the structure:

1. Add a transparent cover plate on the feeding side to visually observe the feeding condition of the punching strip and provide a clear working environment.

2. The sleeve on the transmission side is more simple and user-friendly, and the adjustment of the feed stroke can be fine-tuned without gaps and more precise and clear.

3. The rotation of the feeding and clamping roller press feed is anti-reverse setting to make the feeding accurate, and the adjustment of the belt contact roller pressure is more precise for the fine adjustment of the surface of the clamping roller.