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Feeder with multi-station punch to achieve multi-step stamping
- Dec 17, 2018 -

In the traditional stamping manufacturing process, a single punch production mode of a single workpiece is usually used to process a single workpiece. Each punch can only punch one mold at a time, and then the second process is punched by manual feeding. The method not only has poor stamping precision, low production efficiency, high labor cost, high labor intensity, and there is no small safety hazard due to manual feeding.

With the popularization of feeder and punch automation equipment, the traditional single-punch mode has been gradually replaced by the multi-station stamping production mode consisting of NC servo feeder and multi-station punching machine. The multi-station stamping production line passes through one machine. Multiple sets of molds can be installed on the punching machine, which can realize the stamping processing production of multiple punches in one punching process at one time. The positioning is accurate and the product quality is good. The fully automated stamping production with high efficiency, high precision, high quality, energy saving and material saving is realized.

When the multi-station stamping production line is used, the coil material is unrolled and discharged through the material rack, and the leveling machine is leveled and then sent to the punching mold through the NC servo feeder. The material rack is controlled by the induction frame between the leveling machine and the feeder. The automatic feeding of the coil material, the size of each feeding is automatically controlled by the NC servo feeder; after the coiling is leveled, it is sent to the punching machine to start working, the punch slider is lowered to complete the first blanking punching pre-hole, and then the punching machine When the slider rises, the high-speed moving manipulator starts to work. After the high-speed moving manipulator's arm sucks the workpiece into the next mold and gives a signal, the punch slider descends to complete the second step of punching the hole; the robot sucks and grabs through the suction cup. The workpiece, the punch slider rises, the robot starts working. When the robot moves the workpiece into the third mold and gives a signal, the punch slider descends and completes the third step of the edge forming; when the last arm of the robot will When the workpiece is sucked from the station to the position of the conveyor belt, the entire complete stamping cycle of the workpiece ends, and the fully automated rushing is realized simply and quickly. Pressure production.